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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Wishcast From The New Website

And a very lovely beautiful quest it is today....
The sparkling Jamie Ridler asks:

What do you wish to invite in?

What a terrific wish for me for today! I've been giving this alot of thought the past few days, since I am making so many changes in my life these days.

I am in a fairly good space today, despite all the dramas the past few days. The whole day yesterday, from morning to night, was a brilliant exercise in demonstrating what is good in my life and what needs to change, and even how to change some of the good things in my life--or rather how those good things can change.

So many sweeping changes have been made and are in the process of being made. I love that.
And I am so grateful for this whole community for helping everything happen.
I swear without everyone's support, these things would not have come so swiftly as they have. my current un-proven condition, dare I wish for FERTILITY?
Fertility covers so many areas.
Fertile creativity.
Fertile influx of cash flow.
Fertile imagination.
Fertile and abundant home life.
At least I am not saying fecund.
And yes, I am sort of messing with the boyfriend today. :-)

What do I wish to invite in?
I wish for abundance: financial, love, warmth, connection, friendship.....
I wish for nights spent together in the living room playing games watching the kid try to cheat her way through and convince everyone she's not. :-)
I wish for hope.
I wish for good solid non-stressing jobs for both R and for me. At least, not overly stressing. Because if I am pregnant, guess what I will NOT be doing anymore...because I am dead careful as to what influences come near my children, especially the unbourn. Especially after N.
I wish for a strengthen and renewed faith.
I wish .... I wish for happiness, for my loved ones, my family...and I do extend this to include everyone .... even those who think I don't mean them, or who think they don't deserve it or warrant it...especially to those who think I do not mean them. :-)
I wish for our family to be stronger together.
I wish for success to come wrap me up tight, just not too much of it. :-) Enough to support my family, but not enough to have people invading all the time. :-)
I wish to invite genuine happiness in. I am not asking for complete freedom from stress, or from drama, or catastrophe. To think such is possible is asinine. But, the overwhelming sense of connection and family, the overriding knowledge that we will persevere together through any and everything together.
It's that together part that makes it good--happy together. :-)

This is my wish today.
Please wish with me.