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Thursday, October 22, 2009

BackTracking Through 8 Things

It's been awhile since I have done these--I always got caught up and forgetful on Thursdays--now i have something to remind me every day of what I want to accomplish--we'll see how long it works....

The first one is about Fall:

1. the trees turning their colors
2. rain (I'm a Pisces, born in the Year of the Water Rat--go figure!)
3. chilly weather is a great excuse to snuggle
4. no semi-naked boy running through the house--now he's semi-naked and under a blanket cape :-)
5. apple picking
6. pumpkin experimentation
7. soups and stews with fresh bread, oh my
8. perfect excuse to wear hand warmers and wrist warmers all day, without the 'normal' funny looks I get

Past Lives and Alter Egos

1.  Mermaid
2.  Chinese Princess w the Golden Lilies
3.  Boudicca
4.  Lucinda, of the Grey Mantle (think Avalon and Court)
5.  Satine of the Moulin Rouge (minus the TB)
6.  Priestess of Nut
7.  Pablo Picasso's lover
8.  The Green Fairy

now--you get to decide which are past lives and which are alter egos.....

Enormous Time Suckers

1. blog hopping
2. checking email
3. staring out the window watching something--I watch bugs and stray dogs and leaves blowing--what can I tell you?
4. worrying, and more worrying
5. planning for the future
6. trying to find where I put a particular book
7.  yarn stash diving
8. trying to find anything in the storage room

I was going to do more, but the girl requires attention...and I am in a mood for some movies sans child tonight...while I knit away on a doll for a 1yo little boy.....