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Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Disturbia

Today, I got tired of waiting for my daughter to get the urge to go through the Halloween boxes that have been sitting in my kitchen right in her way—which is where I put them ON PURPOSE—for over a week now.
Yes.  We were gone last weekend, from Thursday night to Monday night.
Yes.  We were gone Wednesday night and came back last night (we stayed at R’s house at his request—it is only because of the fish we returned before today…)
Not once did this kid even peek in the boxes.  I asked her.  She said she’s seen the boxes, but hadn’t wanted to start pulling anything out at that time.
Hannah Montana more important?  (let me NOT start on Hannah Montana and why she is now officially a dirty word in this house—give me Elvira…sheesh at this point, give me Traci Lords—at least she’s honest!)  Gag me with a goose—then gag the goose!  Hannah is the real horror there!
Anyway—I got tired of waiting for her…so I started to pull stuff out on my own.  As soon as I touched the first box, the little Inquisitor came over and took over for me.  She decorated the whole house.  She even took down her ‘the witch/vampire/girl is in’ sign so she could put up her skeleton!  I was impressed.  We have ghostly window clings (from my dad) that actually glow in the dark – we are very much looking forward to seeing how much glow they have.
My darling little boy is here today now…and after being SO very consistent for weeks now on wanting to be the incredible Hulk for Halloween, the little snot surprised everyone when his dad asked him (because we must ever be sure) what he planned to be for Halloween…and N came back w: Frankenstein! 
We’ve had a mish-mash of Halloweeny impact of late.  We still need to hand E her ten dollar option to go hog-wild at Dollar Tree and get whatever she wants.  It’s become a Halloween tradition.  Halloween gets $10; December holidays gets $10; other holidays, depending on my mood, usually get $5.  Unless stuff for Valentine’s Day is really cool.
We still keep up the scary movies, and scary tv shows, when time prevails and I have no desire to be up til midnight watching stuff…there have been scary books galore.
Level 26 by Anthony Zuicker is a very cool concept.  Except.  Except.  It’s pretty interesting premise—an interactive book—where there is a website and there are videos that coincide with certain areas of the book…I didn’t go much farther than that.  The videos are television appropriate…which means the ultra-violence is all implied—but the one video w sexual content went too far into the sexual realm…another time and that would have been a great tidbit—but in the midst of an unstoppable serial killer?  And we aren’t even seeing the least bit of actual violence….nope.  Not my cup of tea.  I stopped watching the videos early on.  Not to mention, none of the acting scared me—it was the killer’s eyes that did it for me.  Except…that the eyes in the book and the eyes on the screen did not jibe—which was a big letdown.
The book …well…it tries…except … it’s a pretty big let-down, especially for someone like me who has done nothing but study serial killers and abnormal psych for twenty plus years…again, the ending is not jibing…well, the killer’s ending was not jibing…although the actual ending of the book was visible by the middle of the book….
I think Level 26 is a good beginning for this series…there is a great deal of room for improvement…I look forward to more…but…overall…it wasn’t the greatest thing in the world.
The Child Thief by Brom—now that is a hellacious good read. 
Other Halloweeny type things going on?  We are planning a trip to the pumpkin patch soon, hopefully this weekend, depending upon R’s schedule.
If you are out and about, my friend Kerry will have a booth at arteast in Alton, IL.  You should stop by.

Otherwise, don't forget to hang out with the rest of us at the Halloween blog party....