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Saturday, October 17, 2009

So, I'm Late

I do not always read every blog I want to read every time I want to read it--otherwise, I would be reading all day long and doing very little else.  Some days, that is a good way to spend the day.  But not every day.
I frequently go to a favorite blog and scan posts to see if something hits me, if something resonates with me.  When I find something that does, I read the entire post.  If it really resonates, I work with what I find in the post. one way or another.
There is always something to be found at Jamie's blog.

Tonight as I went looking for things, since I decided to opt out of Wishcasting Wednesday this week, I found something else.

Here are some questions that Jamie posed on this day...and though I am late, I wish to post my answers as well.  Perhaps in lieu of my wishcasting this past Wednesday.

  • What is something you’re grateful for?
    • I am grateful for R, for putting up with me, for loving me, for being there, for supporting me, in all so many ways.
    • I am grateful for E and for N, for all they bring into my life.
    • Today, I am grateful to my Dad, for giving us three little black mollies, along with two small fish-tanks--which caused us to set up said tanks--and buy more fish--as three male mollies alone in a tank will soon give you one lonely sickly molly all by himself after he kills off the other two.  I hadn't realized how much I had missed having fish, until today.  
  • What is something you’d like to acknowledge yourself for?
    • I am better, stronger, more talented, than I give myself credit for--than most people give me credit for...and I am slowly accepting that power...
  • What abundance would you like to celebrate?
    • My family, small, battered and slowly becoming integrated and whole again.  With the love of my life here, and my children, way too many dogs, and now plenty of fish too...our homes, our hearts, our connection.  The love we share and the love we bear together--it is the one thing I have searched for for so long--and now I finally have it at hand...I am blessed--and I know it...
Many thanks to Jamie for posing these questions.  I am very grateful for her continued presence in my life as well.

A word about this past week's Wishcasting Wednesday.  
I chose to opt out of the wishcasting this week for a number of reasons.  
First of all, it was a really busy day for me.  I was still trying to get a handle on everything that I had let slide from the week-end while we were gone.  I am just now starting to find my footing again this evening.
I didn't think I would have enough time to visit anyone else's blog to make sure they knew i was adding my wishing power with theirs...and that made me sad.
Plus, on top of everything, I have been doing so much letting go of things of late, it seemed a shame to sit and catalog anything more.  
I don't want to focus on the things i am letting go of--I just want to let go of them and be done w them.  I have too many things these days that I want to focus on, focus on incorporating into my life, focus on re-aligning within my life, focus on connecting in my life...that the thought of having to focus again on what I need or want to let go just didn't sit I let go of wishcasting Wednesday this week.  I still added my unheard and unseen wishing power to all the others; I simply didn't go blog by blog to let anyone know.