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Monday, October 5, 2009

Full Moon Madness

Let us join Jamie and the other full moon dreamers and their dreamboards:

Pictures will be forthcoming--which is sort of self-defeating with this project, since it is all about the visual aspects...except my computer has half-crashed--isn't that nice...and I am making use of the not crashed bits at the moment...

I painted several versions of my dreamboard this morning....I ended up keeping only one...and I do plan to go back and add a bit more colour the whole can't post pictures thing is actually working for me in that aspect....

I had thought to go into making a collage for this month...but when it came down to it, despite the magazines and images I had stacked and at the ready, I decided something else felt better to me.

The image is a leaf, floating on the water.  A red and gold leaf, as this is autumn and all.  The keeper version is done in water colour paints and water colour pencils.  Based on a leaf I grabbed from the yard when I needed a model.  Based on a dream I've been having.

It's raining, lightly.  Sort of a sheen of rain rather than raindrops.  So the surface of the leaf is wet.  It floats just at the surface, sometimes right below the surface of the water, sometimes on top of the surface.  In the dream, I watch the leaf float down the river, out into the ocean.  I never reach the's mostly the river, and i know in the end the river dumps out into the ocean.  The waters are often smooth and flowing gently.  Sometimes there are rapids and waterfalls and stagnant places.  These we pass by all the time.  Sometimes I watch the leaf, a bird flying overhead.  Sometimes I am the leaf.

This is my life right now.  I am simply going with the flow, knowing better things are coming, that I am heading towards them, whether fast or slow or without a problem or by navigating treacherous waters/obstacles.

My dream for the coming month is ...complicated when you relate it to the leaf.
I want to next.  This is my nesting time.  Which means, as much as I have withdrawn from the current house, that we need to find our own space.
You give me a couple more weeks, we may be living in R's house, as much stuff as we have at his place now...
Don't laugh.  We've discussed it.  That is on the table currently.  Right now though, we'd prefer to find a bigger house.  We can make his work--where there's a will there's a way--but I would prefer not to have to do that...I don't want to move out of here into a place that is temporary, only to have to move again in a few months when we do find that really big house w land that we both want.

There's a lot of possibility in that leaf there.  I am pretty much at the mercy of the current right now.  But I am not powerless; I am not rudderless.  I've been talking about shifting my career.  I am going to maintain my counseling job.  But I am going to expand.  Today I did the first bit of research into the training I would need to become 'official'--and like most training for certain jobs I have seen, it's pretty much a joke.  I could pay several thousand dollars--or I saw one place would do it for $300...and either of them would get me in the same door at the same rate...isn't that sick?  It is a useful thing though.  Plus, i have a few ins on the route I am currently investigating.
As this is my nesting/incubation time, I want to do more work towards fleshing this goal out.  To see if this route is the route I need to go...or if there is another path that will get me to the same place without too much hassle.

Plus-there's NaNo coming up.  I have to start working on notes or something for that, don't I?  Add that into my dreaming pile.  My goal pile.
I bought some swag yesterday and am now actually anxious for it to arrive.  I bought the merit badge kit--and bought a bag to decorate with them.  I will have the bag to carry all my notes, my laptop, whatever else suits my fancy.  I am prepared.
I even have my fingerless gloves special only for NaNo writing.

This morning I signed up for writingthebreakoutnovel (yahoo group) -- and that starts tomorrow.  I figured I better get prepared for Nano somehow.

So, that seems to be the gist of my dreams at the moment.  New Home.  New Work.  Write Book.  Everything else right now is going so well.  Things w R are incredible.  Things w kids are good--things between R and kids are very good--which makes me happy. So--home, work and is already solid and taken care of...thankfully.

All that in one little leaf.
Which I will post pics of that soon.
As soon as we fix the computer...