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Monday, October 5, 2009

R Gave Me Presents

I really do love my boyfriend.  He gets me...and as much as I corrupt him--he corrupts me.

I've told you about wicked weasel before recently.
"Just" thongs, among other things.

These really are the best made and best fitting thongs I have ever worn.

My boyfriend bought me three of the bikinis...and a pair of the beach pants, because I love them.  I am 5'11"--it's hard to find beach pants or yoga pants that are actually long enough --that stay long enough these are terrific.

Plus, the freebie with every $50 spent is still in affect, for their anniversary.

Do you want to talk about a very happy woman here?  I love this stuff.

We got six free bottoms as well.  The freebies gave us some things we had been wanting to try, but hadn't saved up to get them yet.  So it was well worth the effort.

I love these.  Of course, I did have to make one deal -- I have to mow the lawn wearing the one bikini.  The others, I had to promise to wear on float trips.  Which is completely doable.  I am looking forward to a lot more camping and a lot more float trips next year.  Not to mention, bike riding and hiking and so many other things that work used to keep me from and location kept me from...

BUT--I have to shout out for both the bikinis--and for the man who got them for me, for putting up with him--which is not nearly so hard as he makes it out to be most days...because both the suits and lingerie--and the man--are incredible.

I am pretty excited about all of them...will post pictures--once the pc is back on its feet....