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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Week of Risk--Late But here

Again, I can use all sorts of excuses for not reading the chapter til late in the week, but as all things seem to do with me, the lack of reading did not stop me from implementing things I had no clue I was implementing.

Risk. Do one frightening thing a day.

Like force things to where the pink elephant had to be discussed with R. Despite my complete wanting to do anything but that.

I hate when he is right about things; if I had continued to try to keep it from him, it would have eaten me alive. The talk we had was always … exactly what I/we needed…and made me look at a few things…but until I can either saddle up the pink elephant or send it out to other pastures…there’s not a lot I can change at the moment.

Like drag my loving son out to the fun farm for the day (Eckerts, to pick pumpkins, etc), with R and E. If ever you want to know if your man is ready for the entire fatherhood relationship angle of your relationship, my beautiful boy, with his cheeky little self, and his propensity to pitch fits and to run willy nilly all over the place…well…this sort of thing will definitely do it...I will not say it was the most perfect day…but it sure could have gone A LOT worse than it did. R held up a lot better than I would have…and N is my kid. For some reason, I have a much bigger patience streak with N than with E. I always have. N is special. No doubt about it. You can say ‘autistic’ all you want. It’s something else. And he has always been this way. As I told R in the beginning w N, I am far more protective and more prone to interfering in order to protect N more than I am with E. I also give in to N way too much—as in the boy is heading over 65 pounds and I still give in and carry the little monster…and the only way to cure that…is to carry through with my threat of when I get pregnant there will be no more carrying N…that’s why I stopped carrying E, because we had baby N…although it was more because E has these long giraffe legs (like her mama) and we would get tangled while walking and it wasn’t safe to carry both—but ya can’t really tell a toddler that and get away with it. So, yes, I blamed it on her brother....

I also learned this weekend that at eight years old—pre-pre-puberty SUCKS! As if I didn’t know, but it seemed a lot more obvious this weekend, after taking N back to his dad’s. It’s getting to the point where I have to bribe N to get in the car to take him back to his dad’s. There are minimal issues once we are at his dad’s, but getting to that point…sheesh…talk about risk…I nearly had to climb into the McDonald’s playground thingy to drag the boy down and out of one on Sunday—I am claustrophobic and I have never liked those things…

A 150 pound six feet tall amazon like me does not need to be billowing around through plastic tubing to catch a small ornery cuss like N.

Talk about risk? We looked at houses yesterday. We found two we liked, one is a maybe, one we are definitely making an offer on. I was sick to my stomach for roughly half an hour after we got back. If that last house we saw had not been in such terrible shape, it might have been worse. That house—it had SO MUCH potential, but it should really be torn down to the foundations and rebuilt…it’s such a shame….I won’t even go into it.

But, we did find a house. We are putting a bid in on it. I heartily thank the Mother who showed up to make sure I knew this was the house. You want weird? It’s me—you have to expect it from this point. The numerology was right on the money on the house number—although R is still baffled at my methodology. Three fours in the house number….444…the number of the angels (according to Doreen Virtue, and I concur) …although the house number is NOT 444—444 is derived from said numbers, only one of which is a four….I don’t want to give out the house number…sorry…there were three rose bushes planted in the backyard, right off the patio. It has all the things from the first house we moved into when we moved to the St Louis area in 1999 that I liked (and there wasn’t much about that house that was really cool either) – namely the eat-in kitchen and the walk-out patio…except that this yard is very big and nicely flat, with established trees (so Ken can still chase her darned squirrels—and in this town, rabbits are rampant…so the dog will be happy) In one of the bedrooms was a three foot (maybe two and a half foot) statue of the Virgin Mary –and yes, that means A LOT to me—plus, all sorts of other religious icons in that room, scattered about as if someone had taken them down and jsut pretty much chucked them into that room until it was time to pack them up and move them along. In another bedroom, there was original from the 70s Raggedy Anne and Andy wallpaper—and yes, that means something to me too. In the living room, the blue and silver and white wallpaper with the French design really caught my eye—if I can salvage it, it will be the only wallpaper that survives. Although E loves the wallpaper in the master bath—think 70s here, daisies, in pink, white and yellow. It’s so psychedelic. I think I might keep that paper too—but I’ll paint over it so that the pattern still shows through, just a different color…we’ll have to see on that. I am not much for ‘pink’ myself…but if we get it in a deep enough shade to where it is so much closer to red than pink, then I can manage….

And that red but not red pink was what I have been planning to paint my bedroom ever since we moved into the house across the river….

So many opportunities…

Otherwise, right now, my only real risk taking has to do with waiting until the first week of November passes to find out about an elephant.

I have a lot of plans in the pre-planning stages…and I keep picking up things here and there that add to them…we’ll see where they go.

Oh, speaking of risk…risk doesn’t have to be huge, right? R took us to this amazing restaurant last night, called Ryce. It is open seven days a week. Monday through Thursday from 11a to 9p, Friday and Saturday from 11a to 10p, and Sunday from 11a to 9p.

Oh, I cannot say enough about how very GOOD this place. The food, the service, the lay out, the atmosphere…if I were to rate it on a one to five star range, with five being the best, I would honestly have to give it no less than a seven.

The address is: 12710 Dorsett Rd, Maryland heights, MO 63043.

The phone number is 314 878 8288.

I tried all sorts of things I would never normally try. And it was all good. They had octopi three different ways—I can’t touch them. I just can’t. It is far too like cannibalism for me. I tried many things from the open kitchen, the Mongolian bbq, sushi, desserts, you name it. I don’t much care for crab rangoon, but I always try some wherever we go because N LOVES crab rangoon—this place has the hands down best crab rangoon I have ever had—this crab rangoon I would eat every single day…amazing. They even have lemon chicken on the buffet. I tried it—it was good, but too sweet for my taste. There was a fruit salad bar, a regular salad bar. So much food. we have to go several times for me to even try something off of every bar, much less a little of everything. There were also things like pizza, salmon, butter potatoes (which my dad loves)…

I ate sushi there. Well, other than the salmon on rice, the sushi wasn’t that hot. But the other foods made up for that. I am impressed by how much E ate while we were there. Talk about risk—she tried about a half dozen new things…R is rubbing off on her the right way. At least he gives us both space for our picky eater—hood—but hers is really starting to worry me. So when we can get good stuff into her, it means a lot to me.  It didn't hurt that he helped push her into eating quite a bit too.

My only issue with the whole place the tea…of all things…I found it weak…keep in mind, I’m Irish and my tea needs to be thick enough for a mouse to trot across (I cannot remember where I picked that saying up from), so as I say this tea was too weak, I am sure others will look at me as if I am mad….it was hot and it was plentiful…so that was a plus in its favor…they had a selection of hot teas to choose from…three teas, one of which was chrysanthemum tea, which as it is a flower tea I cannot drink very often nor in copious amounts…but the thought that I could order it…or that E, who absolutely loves flowery teas, could order it, made me happy.

Ok. Enough risk. I have plans laid and written out for other things. I am in incubation mode until this weekend. I’ll be clear this weekend. The final confirmation is the first week of November. Keep your fingers crossed on that.

Light a candle for us for the house. I am really looking forward to this.