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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Second October Wishcasting Wednesday

Jamie has again hit the proverbial nail on the head.
She asks today that one question that I seem to have been both searching for and avoiding at the same time this past week or so.

What do you wish to complete?

Funny, just how much of this question I have been avoiding the past weeks.  And I hadn't even realized it.  Not that I was purposefully or consciously avoiding, but it sort of never dawned on me that this is the exact question I should have been asking all along.  

I wish to complete...finding a Home for us.  That includes moving from this house into that house, R moving from his house into the new house. Settling in, buying new furniture, painting walls, turning mere mortal bathtubs into mermaid fantasy lairs...the works...

I wish to complete...the series of ATC drawings I started months ago.

I wish to wedding shawl that I designed and am currently using as my test knit of the pattern.

I wish to complete...all these knitted presents I have on my table at the moment, which includes a baby blanket and no less than three dolls.

I wish to complete...the novel that I am planning to write for NaNo next month.  My user name there is knittingjourneyman, if anyone wants to know.

I wish to complete ...the row of doll faces I see in my dreams every night of late.

I wish to complete...reading all these new books that have been arriving at my doorstep of late.

I wish to complete...the transition from broken to healed...I am not sure if that means being whole...because I haven't been whole in so long and I am finding this part of the healing process to be very overwhelming at times....

I wish to complete ... this current ride on the roller coaster so everything can calm down and we can get on with our lives and with being a family...

Not to mention, I need to finish setting things up with my etsy shop:                                             
The shop is up--but the shop is empty.
I have also pretty much abandoned one selling blog--and need to get into re-doing this one, as well as setting the other one up more.

I do wish I would complete the range of ideas running through my head where my art and my work are concerned.
I also wish I would complete the whole trying to figure out what else to do along with my counseling work, as I am really looking forward to moving away from telephone work when the children come along, as in the babies, not just my older two.  
Funny, I want to work more to work less.  Plus, I know I can.

Maybe with all the powers of the wishing today I can finally move past whatever blockages are standing before me...because once I set my mind in motion, there is literally no stopping me....

Thank you for adding your voice to my own.