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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fiber Update

I am trying to keep myself accountable here.

Week-ends are rough and off-balance right now because we are still adjusting to N being here--still trying to find our bearings and our routines. It's coming together--but slowly.

And here's another thing--I came into the new year knitting hats and wanting to knit more hats (my crochet gauge still scares me some days so I am not ready to try a hat again yet :-) ).
Then I got my hair cut--got all the dead ends gone--cut away the past 5-6 years of my life hair-wise. And I love my hair now. Quirky and curly as it is. :-) I'll still knit hats though--because i love hats and I wear them alot--regardless. :-) I am knitting alot more headbands now though.

Ok, here's my list of things I have done thus far this year:

start and frog poems easy headband (from '101 Designer One-Skein Wonders' I think)
I frogged it because I wasn't paying attention to the I-Cording--I forgot to slip it back to the other end of the needle and didn't pay attention until about 3 inches later--so I frogged it.)
I started the Mary Jane hat (check on ravelry there--I am on a time schedule here as my dd needs her time on the computer so--this is the best I can do at the moment).

I frogged out the Mary Jane hat because I nearly finished the whole first row--by doing YO, P2tog--except that I was doing a YO, P1--and I nearly made it all the way around--so I frogged it.
I started a rainbow beret-styled hat, combining about 4 beret and slouch hat patterns--only to get to one row away from the bind off--and drop too many stitches--so I frogged the entire thing. It was cute though--I may start that one again.
I started an essence (patons essence) triangle shawl--two different versions--both of which I frogged cause the yarn is so fuzzy and I didn't like the way it was acting.
I started the lavender lace beanie (also from '101 Designer One-Skein Wonders').
I worked on the willie warmer. I had put it aside for so long when I went back the directions didn't gel in my mind right so I had to improvise.

I started a lace headband (in dodo yarn--pictures will be forthcoming cause I need more info on this yarn)--which I finished. I designed the pattern myself based upon my favourite lace pattern (pattern forthcoming as well).
I took a short neck-warmer that had been the remainder of yarn from my Celtic scarf last year and I sewed it together to make a headband (which I am actually currently wearing) and it turned out perfectly. And as a headband I am far more likely to wear it than a neck-warmer. Most of the neck-warmers I made after getting the tattoo on the nape of my neck have been given away or donated by now.
I worked on the willie warmer some more.

finished the willie warmer (it's the seamless knitted version, btw)
finished the lavender lace beanie too

finally made the poems easy headband (details to follow later)
{This was also a stellar day--the gold band I have worn for more than 10 years now on my right hand--I took it off and I never have to wear it again--it's a very near miracle that}

no knitting content
we spent the night of the 5th elsewhere and I was running behind all day

started stolen moments wrap (see ravelry for pattern)--frogged it
started turkish stitch triangle shawl--frogged it

started basic triangle shawl-2 or 3 times--and frogged them all
started it again w smaller needles and patons essence and so far it is still OTN

no knitting content
I worked on the online stuff and I worked on sorting the toys

N is here--so no knitting
lots of playing and giggling though

Plus I have been asked to teach a yoga class
a small one but still
I love it :-)

the day is young yet--but we're going out
probably won't knit til after N goes back across the river

That's all for right now--and now I have hand the computer over to dd so she can play with her webkinz.