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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finished Object Now Pictured

This is the poems easy headband from '101 designer one-skein wonders'.
I made it per the pattern, size large (whatever the largest size is), using red heart super saver in lipstick.
I won't do that again.
Next time, I will probably use the same yarn, because I like it, but I will make the smaller size, maybe even the smallest. Why?
Because this head-band is too loose, even for me with all my ultra curly fluffy puffy hair.
I tried it on pre-washing--but am not holding out alot of hope for post-washing (it's washed and still waiting for me). Good thing my sister's head is bigger than mine--and as to which sister I am speaking--I'll be sure to give you both one so neither of you knows. :-)