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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kendall Dog

Kendall--the Wonder Dog.
We spent how many week-ends in search of the right kind of puppy chow for her--because I totally distrust purina who nearly killed my cat with their icky cat chow years and years ago--did I ever mention I can hold a grudge? For EONS? It's true.
We drove all over the place--2 week-ends in a row. I mean, all over the place, across 2 states!
Finally we found 1 bag of the brand I wanted to get her, the brand she's had before and loved, one lone bag, waiting just for us. I also found a bag of pedigree chow labeled for adults and puppies--and has all the good stuff in it for dogs w hip issues--which our darling Kendall does have.
I bring the chows home--refill her dish w a mixture of all three. First, she picks out all the pedigree first (and eats it yes). Then she goes after the kibbles and bits stuff, the old stuff (bought when she was first here and we didn't know how sick she was and I was trying to tempt her to eat anything at all--it had the most diverse flavours in it when I went to the store). Didn't touch the puppy chow at all. In fact, she is still nibbling around the puppy chow. What a butt-head. After all we went through to find that particular bag of puppy chow.

I watched parts of a movie the other morning, in between calls for work, called "Gray Matters" which from what I saw is really awesome--brother and sister live together and are inseparable. Sister helps brother hook up with adorable dog-walker in the park. Boy falls in love with girl--girl falls in love with girl--but girl didn't know she was into girls until that moment. Brother and sister split up. Brother marries girl.

What does this have to do w the Kendall dog? :-)

Remember when I said Ken's skull was mis-shapen for a collie? A genuine collie? (We've had collies, when I was a kid, --there are no bumps or breaks in the bone of the skull that I recall on any of them--they are all smooth-skulled--Ken has a distinct brow ridge--yes, my dog, the Neanderthal --and since the black facial markings outline the ridge--I kinda always assumed that I was mis-interpreting the ridge because of the colour fluctuations). Add into that the way her fur grows--the beefed up lion's ruff around her neck and shoulders--thinner body fur from shoulders to rump--and then the beefed up rump and the long fluffy fluffy butt chops. She is definitely of cattle dog variety--you can tell by the way she moves, by the way she approaches other animals, the whole nine. Although I question her intelligence some days--she's such a blonde--but she's still just a puppy--a big goofy gangly pup --she'll be a year old in May--May 22--just like E (E is thrilled--Ken's birthday is the same day as hers--and Cricket was bourn in the same year although we don't know when--so all three will be celebrated on the same day!)
As I was watching 'Gray Matters', the Brother's then soon-to-be-wife was dog-walking a ---border collie. A very pretty one too. But I got some great butt shots (how humiliating to admit to scoping out dog butt shots)--but the rump on that dog and the rump on my dog--except for colour--identical. So I rewound and rechecked--and the fur patterns seems to grate as well.

Now, I have seen European bourn and bred German Shepherds that have faces like Ken's and legs like Ken's and so on. Yes, her fur is weird. She's my dog--she's all weird--I tell you--that's how we know for sure she's ours :-). The growth pattern is border collie (time to go buy border collie books) but the pattern in which her black grows--is definitely Shepherd--even if it isn't German Shepherd. I here-by attest to the fact (and will gladly change my verdict when we get her that DNA test results one day) that Ken is a border collie-shepherd mix.

Now, whosoever out there has that Doberman or Doberman mix pup of mine that I have been dying years and years to get (keeping in mind as a child I was severely TERRIFIED by all things Dobie--and I truly mean it) please let me know. Someone close to or younger than Ken would be ideal--but a little older is fine too, depending upon the circumstances. And female. I don't care about colour or anything. Temperament it the big thing--and if she's cool w kids--especially 1-screamers and 2-big-time huggers (read that as N-proof and E-proof, respectively) that's all I ask.
Our next dog must come to us--not us to it. Don't know why I feel so strongly about this--but I am not out dog-searching at the moment--even though it would so so so help Ken and her I am so bored I'm going to eat all of E's toys syndrome. And yes--we are home all day 99.99% of the time--and yes, we do NOT by any means ignore the fluffy beast. She wants other dogs around--she wants to play. I don't blame her either.

So--that's my story--and I am sticking to it.