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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sing Blue Silver

Once upon a time
I lived in the River
I was not from one side nor the other
One day
I was pulled up
Pulled out
Shoved to and fro
There were long battles
One side would win and I would stay on that side of the River for a Time
Another battle would come
Another side would win
I would go
Prized slave that I was
To the Other Side of the River
Over Time my essence was strained
No longer Light
Nor Dark
Lighter than Dark
But Darker than Light
So many deals to make
So many contracts to fulfill
To break
Too many bloods spilled
Bathed In The Blood of The Lamb
Brought before the Council
Blessed and Cleansed and Cleaned
Set forth upon my own tow feet
No longer tottering on my toes
Standing on the stepping stone
Caught raised in the Centre of the River
Re-consecrated, Redressed, Rebourn
Blessed of the Gods
No longer Preyed upon
Now I am the Prayed upon
I am free
I am me again
Whiter than White
Lighter than Light
Twined blue silver
Streaking back into my own

copyright 2009 TK Kietero