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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well, One Goal Down The Tubes Already

I wonder if I can skew it properly so that I don't really defy my own edicts.

I caved--I bought two knitting for baby books today. But does this really count against my edict to buy no knitting books this year--IF I am buying for a very specific reason? As in I am thinking I will be pregnant by the end of the year--well--ok--fine--long before the end of the year. So it would behoove me to have these on-hand--especially since my ds really would like one of the hats in 'itty-bitty hats'--I ordered 'itty-bitty hats' and 'itty-bitty nursery', both by Susan B Anderson--and this after spending hours on ravelry last night scoping out all the free baby patterns there--and down-loading and bookmarking quite a few. The original idea was just to get a couple quick bib patterns--then I got stuck on a call and I swam through ravelry for quite awhile.

Now--I have an even bigger dilemma. With my stash as it is--I am planning to go out--GASP!! -- and BUY more yarn--BUT it is for 2 specific projects. I am planning to knit the most basic basic blankets ever in red heart baby clouds for the twins. I want a blue one and a green one--as I am fairly sure V is going to love blue (this is the girl) and E--well he could care less but green is good for him--and I am sure N (the soon to be big brother) will love the fact his little baby brother has a green blanket.
I think I am covering all my bases quite well here. E wants a baby sister--because baby brothers it seems are not really to her liking all the time (you can't really dress them up much when "Dad" gripes so about it--plus there's no long hair to play with--cause "Dad" made us cut it. :-) And I am fairly sure that E, with all her appeals to allow her to change diapers and all would just feel better if she didn't have to worry about someone peeing in her face when she changed the diaper--as if she ever will :-) ) I asked N recently if he wanted a baby sister or a baby brother--and he very very much wants a baby brother. Apparently he's all 'girl-ed' out as much as his sister is all 'boy-ed' out. :-) So--both the older kids will both be happy--and upset. Pretty much covers every base there, for sure now. :-)

I spent a bit of time on ebay earlier today (also while on calls) looking at yarns and everything--and I think a nice trip to any local yarn selling store (even walmart) would be a far better deal than anything I saw on ebay. And yes, I looked on etsy--but got so side-tracked with things other than baby and/or yarn. Good thing I am heading out tomorrow, blessed by my best friend with his time and tolerance.

This goofy dog here at my side. I am nibbling baby carrots--and she is BEGGING for them. Yes, I give them to her--and yes, she does eat them. She loves them. The silly thing. Oh--and I have been judging the poor thing--her skull is not shaped properly for collie--not even collie mix. Mark my words, I'm getting her dna tested one of these days. Just so I know for sure. She is SO weird.

Did I even get around to setting up and pointing out my goals for this year?
Notice--not resolutions--but GOALS.

1. Buy no more fiber related books--no knitting, no crocheting, no spinning--nada--this one has been amended to only buying books I absolutely MUST have for a SPECIFIC project--and this does include buying single patterns or any patterns--since we know that etsy is my weakness.
This can also be amended IF I buy or receive a spinning wheel at some point this year--just so I can learn what the heck I am doing.
And this by NO MEANS says I don't want said books -- I would love to receive all sorts of knitting and crochet books--hey--my birthday is coming up and everything!

2. Buy no more yarn--unless for a specific pattern for someone else -- BUT only after some substantial stash diving to make sure I have nothing that might be worthwhile to knit/crochet with for each project.
This pertains to gift for and to others--not to or for myself!

3. At some point the recycling of the stored sweaters in the attic MUST begin!

4. I will do my very very best NOT to buy a gift for anyone this year, not for any reason, not for any celebration, unless there is no other way to get out of it. I will make every gift we give.
As in I will not be buying hand-made--I will be making hand-made!

Here I am reading my notes and they aren't really 'goals' per se--it's a list of things to do yet.

I need to make a list of the things I have promised to do for others--make, sew, crochet, knit, whatever. Like I have a pile of ultra-short skirts for E sitting there waiting for the really long princess part to be found/made and then sewn on. I know I want to crochet both older kids blankets this year. Before Christmas--but probably not before their respective birthdays. N needs his Captain America sweater finished here before it's too small for him. I believe Cousin A would like another mermaid or two--and now--I have safety eyes too. Mwahahaha! :-)
That sort of thing.

I need to make a list of baby things to make--not just knit or crochet--but sewn too. Which will also entail shopping for fabrics and threads and all sorts of sundries--cause baby stuff I do not have much of. I have an urge to start looking at cloth diaper prices and developments again--even though I have N's old ones still. One set needs some fixing--but the other set should be fine. And yes, I will cloth diaper--and breast feed--twins.
I am looking for gender--and season--neutral stuff to start. Although I would like to knit both kids at least 1 baby kimono. But--we'll see how it goes there.

I need a list of what I am going to make for the wedding. There's no way I can knit my whole wedding dress in time--on what, size US4 or 5 needles? I am darn near 6 feet tall! And I want a long flowing gown that trails along the ground. Lucky me, before I actually got married to the Nancy Boy, I actually bought the pattern for the dress I plan to get married in. He and I eloped--it was rushed and dismal and not at all right--which pretty much sums up the whole drama of our marriage--and we were planning to have a real wedding on our 5th anniversary. I can't remember if we divorced after 4 or 5 years. But I knew after the 3 year mark I wasn't getting any other wedding. Well, not with him anyway.
BUT I never lost my hope in being able to make and to wear that dress. I have been itching lately to pull up some muslin fabric and get to work on the muslin proto-type. Not really something I want to do with the small people helping. Plus, I don;'t think I have yet found the presser foot for my sewing machine--I think it may yet be in a box in WV --BUT I have my serger and E's sewing machine--so I am not utterly helpless should I put my mind to it.

I need to work out my blog scheduling--I do want to write more--and I have--but more long-hand than anything else of late.
I pulled my 'Fifth Realm' notes yesterday. And I locked in my management team as well. :-) So I can be proud of myself there.
I hate wordpress. There is too much all over now that they have upgraded and I am returning to the simplicity and ease of blogger--which sucks now that I have my business cards--and my blog address (for work) is on it. There is a minimum of information on my card--first name, phone number, email address, and blog address. I was worried that I would have too many things and too many boxes to stick myself in --or to be stuck into by others--so I left the 'what do I do' part blank. And I am learning already that is a very good thing.

My Talents have vectored. I have a new Regiment of Guides. There are things I could do before that I can no longer do. I have to find some word, some box, to call myself by so that people can have a clue as to what I do -- Shaman no longer really covers it--because Shaman as I was taught is not an open door for me any longer. I've been moved Beyond that Reach again--and I have to move accordingly in this world as well.
I need to sit down when I am not at work one day soon and see what I can come up with as to what my current limitations may be. No longer can I traipse into the Grey nor go with those of the Grey, and the Dark is now entirely off-limits to me. And you know, with that slight Shift of my own from Grey to White (I don't think White really for myself--so I will stick with Light--I still fly Silver and there is no way to disavow that) comes a great deal of internal choices and boundaries that I never thought I would have. I am not complaining--it's just different for me.
One thing I really like is the Guardians in my house are alot more--vocal, shall we say. And another, not only have I lost my own bit of Glamour (see me not), I see through the Glamour of Others--which can be shocking to see the X there as he truly is--and it really grosses me out. How I could think he was worthy of me--with his bulbous globules of fat and horrendous ego, so shockingly out and apparent--
and even before the Shift came about I had resolved to never again date beneath myself--and I am alot better than these losers ever deserved. And one day it will all be seen. I feel especially bad for X some days--he has Glamoured his own mind more than anyone else's. When his own friends start to turn on him, he will truly be shocked and speechless. Is it so wrong of me to relish the thought and await the day? Though Patience is not my virtue--I can actually be very very very patient when need be.

I need to start back up with the weekly (or more) emails to family--and friends or whatever. Not to mention the written version at least four times a year. Not just written up, but mailed out as well.

I also plan to knit/crochet more--not every day but most every day--if nothing else.
I also plan to work on my own designs far more this year than any other.

And on top of everything else, I plan to write more. I have the main basis of 'Fifth Realm' in front of me. All I am waiting for is the manner in which to enter in the subplot and subtext. I cannot have the fifth realm stuck only in one realm--and that one realm not the fifth realm. :-) It's a matter of incorporation at the moment.

I think that covers everything for the moment. I have more. But it will have to wait. E has been nagging me for her turn on the computer for too long now.

So--ciao for now. :-)