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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Remember the Celtic Heritage Scarf?

I made it last year (both the scarf and the scarflet), put the pattern on ravelry with no picture (just the scarf), in case you want to look it up--note--make sure you cast on and bind off very loosely--ask me how I know and why I am so certain of this. :-)

I used three colours of cascade pima tencel--orange, green, maroon. I worked it up in 1x1 ribbing.
I cannot tell you what size needles I used to make the little scarflet thingy here--because I honestly don't remember. Maybe I wrote it down somewhere--on the old blog, in a notebook --but where--I would have no clue where to start looking.
Maybe I used the same US 11s for the scarflet that I used for the scarf--but I don't know for sure anymore.

I can tell you when I pulled the scarflet up and measured it it was about 20 inches or so long. All I did was grab some cotton fleece (it was an olive green--not a match at all but you can't see it) and I single crocheted the ends together.
Voila--instant headband. And I wear the snot out of this thing. :-) I love it.