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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok--this is directed at clients--so please bear with me....

Just because I am your 'personal psychic' that does NOT make me your "Personal Jesus", uhm kay? I am not here to tell you do this, do that--I am not here to make your decisions for you. If you don't like what I am telling you, call someone else, please. I always strongly recommend talking to other psychics/professionals/etc so you can find out what is best for you.
I refuse to tell you what you want to hear just because it will make you feel better.
IE--if you are dating a complete jerk who cares more for himself than for you--guess what--I will be very sorry to have to tell you--but I will tell you--hands down--you are dating a jerk who cares more for himself than for you.

A man can be completely in love with you and still treat you like dirt.
If you are on the phone more than once every single day trying to figure the man out by talking to someone else--even many someone else's--guess what--there's more than one problem in your relationship.
A man can be utterly in love with you--and still not want a relationship--and still not want you to live with him--and still not declare his complete and eternal undying love and devotion--and still not feel bad about any of it.
A man can be very happy just being in a friendly relationship with sexual benefits and not feel bad--especially when he has told you all along--that's all he wants--and he can do this while being madly in love with you. His inability to commit --or his inability to want to commit--does not take away from the fact he is in love with you--he just won't commit.

Yes, he wants your rent check. Yes, he wants to know every single person you talk to, look at, walk by, speak to, email, telephone, text, the whole nine yards.
Yes, he wants to control where you go and how you dress and how you behave.
Yes, he wants to control every little thing and any time you speak up and say hey I don't think this is fair--you are challenging his authority and making him feel like less of a man--and he resents that--he resents you not immediately and completely giving in to his every whim and tantrum--he completely hates that you aren't some soft-spoken obedient little thing that swallows every word that comes out of his mouth like gospel. Guess what--if you were that little demure gospel-swallowing thing--he wouldn't be able to stand you either.
Yes, he is in love with you. Yes, he loves your body. No, he is not going to marry you--because he has more than enough issues of his own to deal with that are completely and utterly unrelated to you in any way.

Yes--you have some very obvious insecurity issues. Yes, you have some pretty severe self-esteem issues.
And guess what, you and he can go to church 5 times a day together, and hold hands, and mouth the words, and pay attention to everything the minister says--but you are still standing there--looking at his ex-wife and wondering if they are ever going to get back together again--wondering if he's thinking of other women--wondering how he's going to act when you get home----this is not healthy. For anyone involved.
They are divorced. Period. End of statement. And they have been for YEARS.
He is not interested in the real estate agent gal--she may be ingratiatingly sweet, but it's an act to get and to keep clients--she is not flirting--she is not interested.
The chick at the coffee shop who wears the low-cut blouses--she could care less about him--she is dressing for her comfort and to increase her tips--not because she is out trolling for anyone. She's very happily married, thank you. And yes, she talks to people when they talk to her--it's good for tips; it's good for business--it's simply polite! SHe is not trying to hone in on your man--she could care less about him as anything more than a paying customer.

I do not care how much he cares about you or how much you love him--when he consistently tells you to get the f*** out of his house--even as he just as consistently begs you not to go or even just tells you not to go--get the f*** out of his house and get yourself a real life and a real man.

Love sucks--ask me--ask anyone. If you are feeling this off-balance and unable to decide on anything--if you spend more time trying to figure him out than working on your actual job--it's time to take a break--no matter how much you love him--no matter how much you care--no matter how much you hate the thought of moving--no matter if you have to wait a few more months to get your house--you have to start taking care of you--and you do that by taking your own life back and not worrying about your boyfriend--your ex-boyfriend--the boyfriend that's coming up around the corner--all the other ex-boyfriends you freak out about and ask about all the time--stop worrying about his adult and teen-aged children--his ex-wife--the church members--the whole rest of the world--if you don't stand up and take care of your own self--guess what--no one else will--and then you will end up becoming very sick and even more unhappy--even if it kills you to break up with him--it's killing you to stay--you have to do what is best with you--even if you don't want to do it.

Please. I am a psychic COUNSELOR--which means we talk and I try to help you resolve things and help you make your own decisions. I will not be responsible for you or for your stuff. I will not under any circumstance make any choice for you. I will give you the options and tell you what the Guides say about both directions--but it is your choice--not mine. And I refuse to make it. I will tell you what I would do in your situation--but I will tell you this is me--what I personally would do is not what you need to do or have to do or should do--only YOU ultimately can decide what is best for you. Period.

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

Hear me now--I am moving towards having complete control over the clients I see and the clients to whom I speak. I will not be working for the Network much longer, because I am tired of talking to people who expect too much from me. I am not God; I am not Jesus; I am just me--and I am responsible for no one but myself (and my children--but that's different).

Thank you again.