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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Other December Fiber Projects

A heavily modified version of a simple tea cozy by Ari Whitlow--I have a very large tea pot.

This is my second attempt at this hat--the first having been not long after I started knitting --when gauge was a real issue w me--needless to say the 1st attempt fit not even Big Foot. This one I am very happy with and I wear it frequently. I double stranded two red heart super savers--one was maroon, the other a variegated brown.

The orange pumpkin was made in November, per request. The white one was requested in November--but wasn't made until December. Don't ask me why it took so long. Pattern called Pumpkin by June Gilbank.

Here the Red Baron Flies Again (knitlist pattern by Denise Levs) with modifications per request by E

The hat is a modification from Suss Cousins book 'Hollywood Knits', and I made it, what, 2 years ago? N still loves that thing--he picked out the yarn himself. Instead of knitting it flat, I knit it in the round. I need to make some more of them too.
The scarf, I made myself. Three yarns and a big hook--I made 3 different scarves like this and apparently I thought I took a picture of all three of them--and didn't. I'll probably never see this one again--and N will probably not wear it again because T won't put it on him. Things I knit for the boy instantly vanish once they get to T's house--it's very disconcerting. I won't stop making him stuff though. :-)