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Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Tattoo

Ok --fine--so I am up to 17 tattoos. AND I had to order a book on Oriental mythical beasts in order to find the next design. I have a 5 clawed Chinese dragon picture for one tattoo I want to get at some point--actually I have one printed out--and then another that is on a robe of mine that would have to be drawn out--although the robe is the right colour--the reddish-bronzed brown shade. But I have wanted for years to get something other than a dragon--I want a griffin. I have always had an affinity for and with griffins. Anyone familiar with invoking angelic and/or spiritual protectors to aid and protect them as they drive will know what I mean when I say when I invoke road protection--I always invoke one form of griffin or another.
I love this page and what it says about griffins--I hadn't heard a great deal of this before searching for something to post here so that I could see if I could find the connection for me -- there are connections galore.

Anyway--I decided last week--after a Council meeting--that it was an appropriate time to get a tattoo. Funny. I had a psychic a couple years ago tell me I needed a fire sign tattoo--a representation of fire since he said I was a fire sign in his Tradition--the tattoo was the lucky part for me since I am so into tattooing. So--I had the blue flame of Kali Ma tattooed on my shoulder. When I was Initiated--I was Initiated by Kali --with two other Goddesses--and as Ammachi is one of my chosen gurus--Kali is appropriate.
Then--I recently went before the Council to plead a case--and found myself--Relieved of much guilt and shame and restrictions. I was Re-Baptised and Re-Cast--it's hard to explain. But basically, I have been moving through alot of changes, and the Ma Kali/(Thuggee) imagery is no longer appropriate nor necessary. But Kali Ma is many many things--and above all She is all aspects of the Divine--start, middle and finish. I have passed through the RIng of Fire--or the Chasm of Fire, depending upon your outlook--and I have moved into her Mothering Aspect--which coincides amazingly well with the other two Goddesses of my Initiation. I am a Priest above all other things--and as such I have dedicated myself to these things.
BUT--the Blue Flame tattoo cannot and will not be removed--just as my pictures of Kali trouncing upon Shiva and glorying in blood will not be removed--but they will no longer bear first place, highest rank.
All that means is the new tattoo (a bird) had to be higher than the flame--to keep the flame in its place, without removing the meaning intended.

We went to this place in St John--a place I have actually been before--when it was owned by someone else (it's where the horrid T tattoo was covered up)--but now it is a fantastic place, full of light and grace. And it is super clean. Plus--they have birds, which tickled E to no end. Apparently just because of the birds we must go back and get more tattoos there. It's called Golden Lands Tattoo on St Charles Rock Rd. I haven't the heart to tell E the big coloured tattoos I plan on getting will probably be done in WV by Bryn at InkWell Tattoo (Weirton, WV)--Ben doesn't suck either--he's incredible--I've seen his work--I do not wear any of it--but that may change. :-) I need to drop them a card too--my wolf was admired while I was getting the bird done and when I told the guy where I got it --he had actually HEARD of InkWell in WV! I was impressed for Bryn and Ben there!
Anyway--I HIGHLY recommend both Golden Lands and InkWell. :-)

Since I had other things go on when I got the tattoo--I can't really tell you how long the tattoo integration process is going--but it is alot easier than the octopus integration. But then, She is in colour and my bird is all black. The bird, she's not quite in the right place--but then again neither was the flame. :-) But they are good enough to make me happy. The whole integration process is what I actually worry about w the griffin and the dragon. Both are going to be in colour--and funny now that I stop and think of it--both will be in bronzes and browns--although the griffin will be more tawny and golden--and the dragon will lean more towards the reddish browns and coppers.
I look forward to that.

And yes, it is the second bird I wear. It has been pointed out to me--that I who keep proclaiming I am so not a bird person--have 2 birds--and 1 butterfly. Among all my other things....


but--will the griffin count as a bird-like creature--or as one of the --something else......