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Thursday, January 15, 2009

This I Frogged

Patons Essence--my winnings from the knittingparents yahoo group raffle in the summer, before the move
Probably whatever the pattern called for for needles US13? US 15?
Pattern by Louisa Harding in 'Natural Knits For Babies and Moms': lacy leaf shawl

I screwed up several different rows at different times--but just kept trucking--eventually getting fed up and binding off--calling it more of a dresser scarf than anything else.

That thing always bugged me. I love this yarn too--so thick and warm.

Eventually we moved here--I wanted to do something else w the yarn--so I frogged my neckerchief dresser scarf thing, rewound all the yarn.

Currently I am working up a basic triangle shawl (granny's favourite dishcloth style) using I think US10 needles using this yarn--and I love it. Stitches are nice and tight. Fabric is soft and fluid. Knitter=happy. At last.