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Monday, September 21, 2009

Apple Picking Saturday (the unseen photos)

Here are the pictures I did not include in the previous posts, for one reason or another...

This is the side view of the jurassic adventure.

Just more shots of N in the dinosaur 'ride'.

The tractor ride was not the easiest of things for me to maneuver through--we sat up in the front on the way back.  On the way there we sat in the back and I was much better.  In the front, I could see what was coming, especially when we went up the sides of the ditch and it made me feel as if the tractor could flip over at any minute--not good there.

N was ready to go see what was in the shop--he wanted his pumpkin shaped lollipop--which we as yet have not found.

I was trying to hold him up in this shot because I'd been carrying him for some reason.  Then I figured out he's tall enough to do it standing on his own--which is the other shot you saw before...
E refused to have her picture taken there, if just standing beside her brother and me.  But when she saw the shot this am, she thought it was so cute.  :-)

Yarn on the hoof.
We get the house w 3 acres--guess what we get to start doing, even if I do get to dig the fence posts all by myself!