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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Poem A Day 2 of 3

I don't know
I look into your eyes
I can see it all there
But not the from here to there part
I know viscerally
It is meant to be
I can see
All down the line
How we can succeed
How things are so good
Between you and me
I just don't trust things
The bells in my head
They ring and ring
And Guilt speaks up
How I've ignored those bells before
But there is so much more
Between us
We already have a past
We already have a basis
We already have a foundation
There is none of that left out in the open
Waiting to see if the other show will drop
If the way you squeeze the toothpaste will drive me nuts
Or if you shower often enough
I already know all of that
Silly as it may sound
Ones that came before you
Made these things big issues
For me to keep an eye out
And an eye on
I don't know
How much of this is my past
The baggage I carry around
How much of this is current circumstances
And a horse that keeps drowning
Demanding you be the one to step in
And pull its head out of the water
How much of it is my own
Fear of good things
Of actually being happy
Of not having to worry and fret and fear
About being able to relax
Feeling secure
And loved and wanted and worthwhile
I simply do not know
But as long as you are willing
I shall drag you along for the ride