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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Poem A Day Day 1 of 3

Eric Maisel is kicking my butt. I am SO GLAD Hybrid J 'introduced' us....

I am working through "the Creativity Book', slowly and with much forethought and butt-kicked trepidation. And loving every minute of it too.

Here's the Poem:


all the things i do
all the running around
all the trying to catch up
to keep up
who am i doing these things for
why do i bother
i don't care what joe thinks
i am not interested in what the jones' are up to
i am happy just doing my own thing
playing in the dirt
weaving with my fingers
baking bread
teasing children
chasing rabbits and deer
reading my books
scribbling a time or two
dabbling in paint
and braiding my hair
i am happy with myself
what else should i care