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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coming To An End

I grow weary here
you throwing wrench after wrench
in the plans I continue to make
with the love of my life
why is it your presence
and your anger
that drives the wheels
round and round
why hasn’t anyone pulled the rug
out from under you
put you in your place
smacked you in the face
and told you
you are no queen
you do not rule here
these are not friends you have
they are sycophants
people too afraid
to do anything more
than your bidding
whatever it takes
to appease your temper
to stay out of your angry flow
now I have a good man
now I have plans for my future
for the future of my family
which includes more room
to grow
and yet
and yet
patience is called for
because of some irate cow
who rides around on her high horse
and refuses to get down
it would break her heart
it would tear her down
if only she knew
if only she realized
he has moved on
and moved on for good
once and for all
no longer at her beck and call
no longer her whipping boy
done and done and done some more
but if he comes right out
and let’s everyone know
he’s found real love
true love
forever and ever love
the kind where he too makes plans
for the family
and the future
and the expansion
of all that includes
then the ogress grows mad
has fits
and everyone to frightened
to tie her up
and tie her down
it is so sad to think
a creature so sorry
stands in the way
of so much happiness
so much honor
the one good thing I do know
and I will say
her dreary rule will not last forever
the castle blocks now crumble
I stand here watching
as her castle walls fumble
there is no attack
except that from within
that she makes herself
it may be sad to watch
but it is a necessary thing
like the shark snacking
on the unsuspecting seal
it is a purifying thing
maybe more than he can be saved
there is hope
we can pray
may sanity be granted to her one day
as for us
there may be that delay
before we can burst out
into the sun
and show the world
what we already know
there is no parting us
not in this world
nor any other
we stand strong
we stand solid
this is our time coming
and we will never look back
good-bye oh gruesome beast of ire
may you find peace
for you whatever that means