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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wishing Wishing Wishing

Hey--Jamie's wishcrafted question today is awesome...and one I have actually been pondering for weeks myself...'t is the time of year when homeschoolers especially have to turn and say...what are we accomplishing this year...and I don't do it just for E--I do it for myself as well...

What do you wish to learn?

I love this question.
My first answer is a resounding: I want to learn how to do the Turkish cast on!  I have a pattern for a doll I want to knit and it requires the Turkish cast on.  I have written out directions, but need to find a video of it...which I am planning to do later today that one is taken care of for the time being...
Other than that, I have a base curriculum synopsis.
I am always looking to deepen my knowledge and connection spiritually.
I am always looking to learn more about autism, autism spectrum, and all the things that are really wrong w kids diagnosed w autism that doctors don't care to take the time to investigate and make the proper diagnosis.  The same here w ADHD.
I am always studying child and human development, education and ways to educate.  I still stand by the fact that one of these days I will be attending a Waldorf Teacher's certification program...just as I stand as firmly saying I will probably never 'use' it for anything other than my own personal stuff (like my being a certified Yoga instructor, and kids Yoga instructor, and a massage therapist and a UFT practitioner and a whole string of other things....)
I am planning to learn more about knitting and crocheting.
I am planning to learn more about biodynamic farming, organic farming, farming on a small area, farming on a large scale, putting food by, canning, preserving, drying, the whole nine.
My schedule also includes learning more about the craft of writing, which is an ever-evolving process, but these days there is the inclusion of the other end of writing...the editing, the marketing, the finding an agent (I already have a has been lined up for that job for years now), the getting my name out there and getting my work out there and not just playing around, but seriously pursuing publication in all forums....this is my actual goal for this educational year....
I am planning to learn more about drawing, sketching, scribbling, doodling, painting, water painting, painting w acrylics....I am not so sure about oil paints yet...mostly because of the children 'helping'...but still...there are also pastels with which to play and a number of other mediums...
I plan to learn to use a blowtorch and whatever else is necessary in my pursuit of learning metal working.
As well as learning more about clay, sculpting, throwing, baking, painting, you name it there.
I continue to pursue the construction of spirit dolls.
And on and on and on and on and on....
Do you know what my wish really is?
I wish to never stop learning, period.  
Every book I read--I learn something.
Every person I speak with or speak about--I learn something.
Every prayer I make, every candle I light, every smile I smile--I learn something.
Every place I go, I learn something.
I never ever want to lose my beginner's mind.
I always want to be able to be open to learning more, every day of my life.