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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wishing Time Today

How do I wish to stretch?

Jamie is just so good at catching that spot, and pulling it out a bit wider so you can see deeper within...I love that about her....

Funny how I have been pondering restarting my asana practice of late. I have maintained the breath work, but not the asana.
My schedule has been so thrown upside down of late.

I literally wish to stretch myself, my body.

But what else…this cannot be so simple. There has to be more. Surely.

Really, I have been working on stretching my boundaries so much lately…I am more in the process of stretching than really needing to stretch more.

I am pushing past my fears in order to move in and combine households with my boyfriend.

I am pushing the boundaries with my studies, with my writing. I still have some work to go where my drawing and painting is concerned. Ditto for the doll making.

All the places I would wish to stretch, I am.

So, I will say this:

I wish to continue to stretch and to grow in all the ways I find best in order to do best by and be the best for my family and my self.