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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wishcasting Day Is Here!

My internet was down yesterday--my modem went bad and I had to wait for the tech to get here and 1 decide what the problem was and 2 fix it.  She replaced the modem.  All is good now.  Except that I am still catching up with emails and other things, since I was at R's Monday and pretty much worked on other things rahter than sort through email.

All I could think yesterday was, yikes, it's Tuesday!  I can't miss Talkative Tuesday!  Even though my normal pattern seems to be to hit it late...I still love to do it.
My last thought before bed last night was, thank goodness I can get up in the morning and be able to reach Jamie's website for Wishcasting.

Then I woke up this morning and had a hundred things to do.  Of course.

I finally got something posted on my new blog, a blog which is not going to be for everyone, just so you know. It's my Alyce Uncensored blog.  There will be harsh language and sexual content (not porn, not porn) there.  Mostly things that will cause some people to become uncomfortable.  Which is why I warn you here. 

Then I got to tease my boyfriend awhile.  He has a job interview today.  It's for a lot more money.  And we are hoping it's in a lot better environment.  He is rather sick and tired of people who cannot communicate in his life and is trying to remove the non-communicators as best as he can.  This job means alot to him, and to us, on many levels.

Then, my knitpicks order came in.  Darn book sale.  It is still on-going.  Forty percent off all books.  I bought books, a few sock knitting books, but a couple for fun that I have wanted for awhile.  Plus, more sock yarn, although this time I think the yarn is more for me than for R.  I bought silk blends this time...although I know I will make him at least one pair from the silk. 
Of course, I had to skim through and ogle all the books before I could do anything else.  I'll have the titles loaded into goodreads later on today.

I'm in a pretty good mood today, so babble mode is on.  :-) 

I shall now trundle over to the discourse at hand:  WISHCASTING!

I am so grateful to Jamie and to all the wishcasters, for all their support and hard-work with so many projects other than just Wishcasting Wednesdays.

Today's award-winning question:
{well, Jamie should win something for all these questions!}

What do you wish to share?


This question hit me in several various ways.

One thing I do wish. especially of late, is that I could share with people the image they present of themselves to other people. 
In my work, I often watch people completely destroy their own lives, without understanding what they are doing, without accepting their own personal responsibility, blaming everything on everyone else.
I wish I could show people what other people think of them.  It would blow their minds, and hopefully steer them onto a better course of action.
I am watching people destroy their own lives and other people's lives just to justify their own sense of injury, when even complete strangers can see the injury is one they fabricated and petpetuate for themselves.
It makes me sad that people manufacture for themselves such heinous lives in order to justify their sadness and inadequacy. 

On another side of life,
I wish I could offer people a glimpse of the Magic that I get to see every single day.
Children, for one, have such a wonderful knack for revealing things that grown-ups often forget to see.
We need to re-learn how to believe in faeries and angels and witches and strange things, just to keep the Magic alive in our hearts.

A commerical lately has a perfect line on this one for me: 
it's a son talking about his dad, and how his dad always laughs and smiles, even though dad has lost his job.  The son is sure that dad is smiling and laughing so much for the benefit of the family, even though he must be sad inside, but dad also means it as well.  He's not just pretending,  He is really involved and really enjoying life, and the lives of his family.

That is the Magic that I wish I could share with everyone. 
That no matter how bad things may seem, there is always a silver lining.

I am often 'accused' of this.  That's why I am the one everyone calls when they need a shoulder to cry on, why my clients are return clients and repeat clients and why they recommend me to everyone they can.  Because I have a knack, even in my own darkest moments, for being able to pry open that one lighter shade of grey spot and focus on that.  To expand and beat the tar out of it, if need be, until it's big enough to hang some hope on.  That's me.  That's how I live.  Even if it may take me some time to find my own grey spot to beat.

There is no reason to be miserable, to dwell on the bad, the horrible, the unattainable.  Dwell on the positive things.  Let the light of Hope swell in your heart until it subdues your mind.  Allow your mind free reign until your heart catches up.

It's the whole take the time to smell the roses deal.  Notice the breeze.  Listen to the windchimes.  Play with your food.  Sing in the shower.  Dance in your living room.  Run in the rain.  Splash in mud puddles.  That whole philosophy that far too many people disdain as they grow older.  It's a shame.  So much is lost that way.  When you close your eyes to the beauty of life around you. 

That's my wish for the day. 

Open your eyes and be happy!