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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Poetry Play Today

Poetry Play Thursday 9/3/09

Hey, it's not midnight here yet! :-) That makes me on time, pretty much!

I so love this form--anything octopus and you know I am there...and you know I have to do things my way...I wrote two versions tonight--but I plan to play w this form more later on....

First one:

Her Hair

pale bloodless frozen ice blue
like flesh swimming beneath the flow
winter's hard gaze
unforgiving unconditional
dripping down crumbling tiles
bumbling over twisted gutters
raindrops tittering
skittering over fallen limbs
scarves caught on the railing
left out to dry all soaking
draped over the sodden lawn chair
collapsed over on its side
no mentalist leap needed
as snow drifts puddling
just like ice cream left too long
on the sidewalk in the sun

Number two:

Peace of Mind

mermaids tail green sea-worthy
frozen over underwater tundra
caught between the aisle and the island
swept up in the hurricane
wrapped warm and tight that blankie
taken from the family couch
lost in the memories
eaten slowly from within