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Monday, September 21, 2009

Real Men

Real men can pull off any it make-up, nail polish, a kilt, heels, a wedding name it.
A real man is not afraid to challenge his own image--he is secure enough in his manhood to defy anything and still know he is all man.

Yes, these are 4 inch platform Mary Janes, to go w my anime Alice Halloween costume.
Yes, he wore them out in public.
Yes, he pulls them off better than his sister does.
No, I am not ashamed to be seen in public w him in those shoes.
Yes, he can wear make-up, he can wear nail polish, he can have hair in curls down to his butt, he can wear a thong and pasties when he's older--I do not care.  This is my son and I love him no matter what, unconditionally and without judgement.  Period.