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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What A Perfect Question

Jamie, the wonderful enchantress of wishes, asks us a beautiful question today:

What do you wish to begin?

What a perfect question for me today.

Yesterday, I pulled out my little tester 9X12 canvas and just started smacking paint around on it. By the end of the night, I was into the modeling paste and building something wave-like around all four edges. The current thought pattern is I must be working on my full moon dreamboard already, setting and preparing the background. I don't know. All I know for sure is I had to start...something.

Looking for a house has begun. There's one situation in progress and moving forward, slow as that might be as I am letting my significant other handle things for the time being.
Although I have already issued the warning that patience is not my virtue and if he doesn't move I will.
I can't live like this anymore. And I won't.

Sarah has always been an incredible champion about me doing art--and selling I have a selling blog set up--I even have some pictures on it....but I haven't had that click yet where I have felt, yes, now is the time to stick the prices on and start telling people, hey, I'm selling this stuff....but the more i think about it lately, the more it seems as if the reason I am stalling is not merely 'timing', it's because I want to do something else with my images, more than say, cafepress, and I am not yet certain what that is.
I wish to start working more at selling my art and getting it out there in the public eye more....I jsut have to figure out the hows of things.

Some of the things I wish to start have already started, I just want them to move faster...I don't think they should count.

I wish to start actually actively putting together my books of poetry so that I can list them on lulu.
That requires typing everything, organizing everything, drawing the pictures that I am using in the books...
I have stacks of poetry...from high school and beyond...and R and I decided we are going to publish them.
R has a bunch of poetry I have told him I will type up and arrange and publish as well. I really like his stuff so much better than my own....
The man has a talent, whether he likes to admit it or not...

I keep having the need to say I wish to start my own multi-level multi-stream business.
This is what I wish:

I wish to start my own multi-level multi-stream business.

Now, I just wish I knew exactly what that meant.

I have so many half-formed, half-conscious, corner of the eye/brain thoughts sniffing around at the edges of everything....they simply have not appeared fully clothed and ready to be examined and mustered and brought fully into the light of day to be put into action.

I guess this is my gestation period.

I will find my way in the wilderness as things present themselves to me and I can throw them up against the wall of my partner's brain and find the reality-based pieces that we can really use and put into practice.

Yes. Ok.
Now I am satisfied.

I wish to start my own business.

Thank you, Jamie, and fellow wish-casters. Some days Jamie hits us w that perfect question that draws from us that which we need most of all because we haven't been able to put words to the almost thoughts and/or emotions and then -bingo-we nail it, because of her gentle prodding and direction.
Thank you. :-)