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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dreaming Big? Wishing Big? More Than That Too...

There are so many things going through my brain...I know I am probably over the edge into Wednesday, so I am curious as to what Jamie will have for us for Wishcasting Wednesday, of which this is not a part, since I wrote this this weekend.
Is it mean to point out how very close the bf and I are in to moving in together?  It is on the table, has been for a couple weeks.  We've lived together before and did fairly well as only room-mates...ahh...the things we have's pretty amazing for and to both of us at the moment...I look forward to spending the rest of my life with this man.  After this weekend, after the past few days, there are no more doubts.  Not on either side.  

Opening The Door To That Bigger House
I am tired of not dreaming big enough.  I didn’t realize I was dreaming small.  All I know now is I want I must dream BIGGER.  And that begins right now right this minute. 
What I really want is a big kitchen.  With a double sided sink, a garbage disposal, a sprayer.  Big double sinks, not small ones.  Something I can set the pans in to soak and the pans fit.  Lots of countertop space.  Lots of cabinet space.  A hanging rack for pots and pans.   Room for a butcher block.  Room for a big kitchen table.
A breakfast nook would be good, just somewhere for the family to meet and to be together.  A dining room would be nice, but is not necessary.  So long as there is space for the family dining table, I am good.   If we have room for a hutch or china cabinet or two, that would make it even better.
I want an actual separate laundry room.  It can be in the basement or whatever, but I don’t want to have to look at my washer and dryer or have them be part of my kitchen experience ever again.
I want to have a working fireplace. 
I want a big bathroom, for the master bath.  A huge claw foot tub.  Something I can lie all the way down in and stretch out.  Something where the ceiling is taller than I am, so I can stretch and turn while I am under the spray.  I want there to be enough room in the shower for at least six or eight people.  Not that I ever want to have that many people in the shower with me; I merely want the space so I can dance or stretch or do yoga under the shower’s spray.  Or anything else that comes to mind.
It would be nice to have at least two bathrooms, what with all the kids running around. 
I want tall ceilings.  I want plenty of headspace.  Vaulted ceilings more like the living room in the house in FS.  I want tons of windows in every room.  I want lots of natural light.
I want at least four bedrooms.  I want a full basement.  I want more than enough room for an office.  I want space for the exercise equipment.  I want space for my art studio.  I want plenty of storage space for all the yarn and fabric and other supplies I tend to collect.
I want big closets all over the house for everyone.  I want everyone to have plenty of space to grow and evolve and be themselves.
I want a big family room.  I want a decent living room.  I want lots of space for books and movies and anything else we need to have lots of room in the house. 
I want an actual garage, a two car garage at that.  I want a patio in the back, all wooden and with a screen overhead, with plenty of room for a table and chairs.  I want a covered, maybe even screened in, front porch too.  It would be awesome if we could have a sun room somewhere too.
I want a big fenced in yard for the dogs and the kids.  If we could have a swing set or fort or something for the kids built in the back, which would be incredible.  I want the yard landscaped and wonderful.
I do not care for carpeting.  I want hardwood floors In every room except the kitchen and bathrooms.  There I would prefer tile or slate of something stone-like.