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Monday, September 21, 2009

Red Venus

I've been touting the Venus de Merino pattern lately--what with its Turkish cast on encouraging me to great toe up sock heights!

I told you I finished her--and then E snatched her right out of my hand and both girl and doll disappeared into the girl's room.  I wanted to show N the doll, to get his feeling about it.  He does wonders for my creativity.

Anyway--the pictures could have turned out better--but they didn't.

So here she is, the front and back view.

I need to work on my shaping for her breasts next time--and I need to pay more attention--her head is done in reverse stockinette stitch rather than the stockinette it should be in--I blame Henry Fitzroy (Blood Ties) since that's what I was watching...oh no...I wasn't...I have to blame the Wolverine and his brother...I was watching Liev Schreiber and Hugh Jackman when I finished her head least now I feel better having realised that...

Here's the best pics I could manage...