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Monday, March 8, 2010

APiece of This Week-end

         Ok, I admit it.  I am sitting here, waiting for UPS to arrive, to deliver my spinning wheel and wool fiber.

         And yes, I did meet Theresa this week-end--and I am not only in alpaca roving heaven--but alpaca fiber heaven...although now I do have to buy the tools to clean and card the wool ... mwhahaha...

          I learned today that I can buy yak roving inexpensively—compared to, ya know, buying quivit yarn.  Yeah, the things that matter only to me and make me REALLY too happy some days…

            I spent a great deal of time this week-end studying lagomorphs…lagomorphs.  It is my new word…and yes, my new obsession.  What is a lagomorphs?  It’s a BUNNY!  Lagomorph is so different the categorization words I am so used to: lupine, canine, feline, ovine, vulpine, corvine, equine, porcine, bovine…my only other strange one is camelid.  Now, I have lagomorphs.  Interesting.  I am fascinated by rabbit hierarchy.  This is one place where I excel, and I know it.  Finding out why animals act and react as they do.  I do not have much like-mindedness w prey animals, although my time w the parrot did help this somewhat.  A prey animal that is not a herd animal is …different.  Interacting w a rabbit seems to take on proportions similar to interacting w a hippogriff of Harry Potter lore…it’s a respect thing.

            Another thing that I played w this week-end was catching up on my reading.  N spent from roughly 11p Friday night to 6a Saturday morning, puking his poor little guts up.  I should have been more clued in when he fell asleep on the couch about 9p on Friday.  Sometimes the poor boy is simply exhausted.  If it had been 7, or even 8, I might have paid more attention, and not immediately assumed he was merely tired.  He was so sick, to keep it simple, for awhile there he had stuff coming out both ends.  Luckily we made it to the potty for that trip. 
            N sick is not fun.  He doesn’t sit up or turn his head or try to avoid anything while throwing up.  He simply hurls and puke drips over his face, down his neck.  Getting him to sit up, even just so he won’t puke on himself, is difficult.  This is when that second Mama sense stuff comes in handy—I always know, just before he pukes.  My eyes pop open and I wait for whatever is coming…and then it does.  I clean him up and we both crash.  Then my eyes will pop open and I will wait.  It’s our sicky-poo-yucky cycle.  Grand, ain’t it?    After about 2a, he was dry heaving.  But he was also thirsty.  Any time he’d take a drink of water, it would be about 5 minutes before he threw it all up.  By 4a, I was nearly ready to call T and tell him to meet us at the emergency room.  We nearly lost N once to dehydration due to illness when he was younger…I really worry about this w him.  I decided to give it a little bit longer, just in case, and at 6 he took a drink and it stayed down.   Then he slept, poor boy, until 1130a.  He still wasn’t his normal eating everything in sight, bouncing off the walls little N self, but he was well on the way when we dropped him off at T’s Sunday.

            I have other things to tell you about, but I am going to break them up into different posts, so as not to overwhelm, not you and not me.  Enjoy.