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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Passions, Revealed

            So, in between answering emails and playing Farmville on facebook and trying to force myself to finish knitting this sweater or that shawl, and read all the books I have piling up on my boyfriend’s bedside table, I swim through the online surf, sometimes finding new and delightful things upon which to light.

            Today I found this post, which just happened to hit me the right way.

            Basically, it made me sit back and think about things: does my blog have a mission?  Do any of my blogs have a mission?  Do I myself personally have a mission?

            Now, I have not read  "52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion" by Tara over at Scoutie Girl.  I did, however, drop by her site to see what else I could learn about this process, before I decide if I should buy an ebook or just move w my own flow.  For the record, as per my mentor and Muse at the moment, I am going to go things alone.  But, I am more than willing to be open to new things as they arise and as they arrive.

            The mission of my blog does seem to be a very valid thing.  I do not make my living by blogging.  If I could, oh trust me, I would…but I was already thinking way earlier this morning that no one in their right mind would want to listen to me babble about anything every single day.  I do not write a newsletter currently because, mostly, I have no clue one what I would put into said newsletter…not only just a single newsletter, but a newsletter that has to continue to come out, with new material, over and over, however many times a week or month or year I would choose to put it out.    I am not that interesting, nor do I do anything nor have contact w anything so interesting to others.

            I do not have a mission statement for this blog…unless you count the little blurb at the top of the column here: “Gathering Up One Thread At A Time As I Weave This Web Of Mine.....”  This may count as my personal mission statement though.

            About the best I can say at the moment is this is my personal blog.  Sometimes it’s my journal.  Sometimes it’s my soap box.  Sometimes it is my showcase.  Sometimes I come here happy.  Sometimes I come here angry.  Sometimes I come here indifferent.  My mission w this blog is to be myself and to put myself out there for everyone to see.  To prove to myself I no longer need to hide, that I am no longer hiding, and that nothing is gained by my hiding.  I am prying open the inner recesses, whether dark or light, and putting them out on display, often thinking it is just for me….and then I get that comment or that email that shows me others need me to do this…that my voice speaks for so many who cannot yet speak for themselves.  Or else, I just babble to myself and pray no one is really listening…but it works for me.

            I have other blogs.  What is their purpose?  What is their mission?  One is a writer’s notebook, which I used to connect me to various writing groups and forums…

           I don’t actually do anything else w this blog, not for months.  The groups fell apart; my writing took off in a different direction that was not group appropriate; my life changed direction as well.
            Then there’s my healing blog.   As you can see, this was my effort to make sure I did not hide.  I don’t do anything much w this blog either.  It’s there so that people who don’t know me can see why I am not like anyone else, what I can do, and then they can talk to me about what I actually do—which that blog has very little to do w on many angles.  I keep it up and open simply to have something to send people to before we start working together.  I have gone back to my Lightworking, or my Healing work, and I like that.  That is this blog’s entire purpose…to have a place to send people to so that they understand what I can do, what I have done, but not everything that I currently do.  I have returned to my Healing Work and I am much happier for that.
            Of course, there is my newest blog.  There are a couple pages active, but I haven’t posted anything else yet.  This is the blog with which I need to spend more time, finding out what its purpose is, what its meaning is…why I have it…

            The current running theme is that this is the not personal blog, where I shall showcase all my wares, be it Healing work, or Spirit Dolls, or knitted items or drawings or paintings or anything in between…I simply have to find that one connection that links everything the right way for  my brain to accept and approve of things and then that blog will really be hopping…

            I have a great deal of work to do, on my personal blog and my newest blog.  I will keep you posted all the way around, as things continue to develop.
If I get really good, and really focused, maybe I can do something more like this.  At least this post gives me lots of good ideas to run with when I get there.