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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mornings Come So Early

I must be crazy.
I woke up this morning, made it out of bed w my significant other.  Even showered w him this morning.  This never happens.  I am prone to waiting til I hear the car pull away as he leaves for work and grabbing 5-10 more minutes of almost sleep before crawling out of bed to start my day.

Not today.

And using the dogs are going to the vet this morning is not a valid excuse.  The appointment isn’t until 9:30ish.  So sleeping in would not have caused any issues.

I cannot give you the big here it is reason for my complete wakefulness at the moment, but here I am.  Up and at them.

Yesterday, I signed up for, gasp, ScriptFrenzy.  Thing is, I have never written a script, never thought about writing a script, never even actually studied the form of a script, not since acting in high school.  I don’t know if it was Chris Baty’s email plea to join that did it, his sincere desire to see the world become covered w writer’s who write, or whether it was all the timing of the email—we had had such a lovely dinner at Olive Garden last night and I was feeling magnanimous—or whether it was the overall tiredness of the whole day settling in and loosening my mental coil enough that I signed up without seriously thinking it through—I don’t know.  But, I did it.  Here I am.  Woo hoo.  And now, too play catch up, I am studying the heck out of the writer resources on the ScriptFrenzy site.  What is even more strange is I think I know what I want the script to be about…and it may be nothing more than me scripting out pieces of my neglected, languishing, unedited, unwritten NaNo 09 novel…in order to help me flesh out and rewrite said novel.  Novel approach that, eh?

R finished putting my spinning wheel together for me last night.  I did what I could, and then got lost.  My only complaint w the directions is they assume since you bought a spinning wheel, you know what everything does.  And why.  Uhm…nope.  Several times last night I have to look at R and say you probably know more about this thing than I do.  Yes, he thinks I am nuts.  Yes, thankfully, he loves me anyway.  But, the wheel is in one piece.  R has some modifications in mind, mostly having to do w changing one type of screw out for another.  Soon, I will start to use said wheel.  I may never get ‘good’ at it.  I may make horrible yarns and knit ugly things w the yarns I create, but I sure will be happy trying and plying.

This morning, it’s a lovely morning.  The blackbirds are out in force, which means many many good things coming for me today.    Other than kissing R good-bye and checking a little bit of email while my water boiled for tea, I pulled out the paperclay I had to buy earlier this week and threw together a quick face as an experiment.

While out looking for rabbit-obilia the other day, I ended up ‘having’ to buy a copy of Art Doll Quarterly.  The cover shows a lovely corpse doll…with teasers evidencing more inside.  Corpse dolls?  Here?  In our house?  Oh, happy day.  Happy day.  One of the dolls w a pattern inside, not a corpse doll actually, said to use paperclay, to make basically a doll popsicle.  Sorry—that term keeps rolling through my brain—a dollsicle.  So, I ran to the nearest craft store (Michael’s, not my favorite)…and bought the only sample of paperclay they had (not very well-stocked this one, although sometimes you can find interesting things, and good yarns cheap on clearance).  This morning, after having dreamed of sculpting any number of faces, many of them rabbity (did you think I would leave out the rabbit references yet?), I finally cracked open the little package and pulled off a decent sized hunk.  I know I am supposed to make spirit dolls.  I know I don’t need to or have to use the facial molds that I have.  Today, I free handed the little face…because my tools are at my house.  I also have some 20 gauge wire here that I have been playing w, thinking of that dollsicle thing, thinking of armatures and whatnot.

BTW, this issue of Art Doll Quarterly shows the most magnificent recycled Barbie dolls…the artist turned them into corpse dolls.  You have to check it out.  It is so cool. 

It may take somewhat longer today for the face to dry, since it’s so damp out.  And now, my lovely daughter is awake and we have appointments to keep.  I shall bid you au revoir.