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Friday, March 26, 2010

Gay Marriage

           Morgan, the Cape Cod Bride, wrote an incredible post on gay marriage—in SUPPORT of gay marriage. 
            I think the best part of her entire post is the last paragraph, where she remembers asking her parents what it was like to live with Jim Crow laws and the feminist movement.      
            It is so cruel to say being gay is the new being black.   Bit it does look that way these days, doesn't it?  It’s as if this country needs a cause to get behind, simply so we as a nation can pick out a sub-culture and put them in their place, for lack of a better what to put it, so we can feel better about ourselves as a whole.
            It’s getting to the point where we are afraid to pick on people due to their religion.  But, oh boy, if you are homosexual, you have no place to run.  We can all happily turn on you and tear you down.
            Has this country gone insane?
            I don’t care who you sleep with or why or how—the only time someone needs to step into someone else’s sexual arena is when there are children involved, animals involved, and/or forced activity is going on.  Ok, so necrophiliacs need some intervention there too, but still, that’s not the point I am trying to make.
            I know, we, as a country, are all about ‘helping our neighbor’, right?  What that means is I am going to stick my nose into all your business and ridicule you for not being just like me.  It’s retarded.
            Look around you.  I am betting that on a given day, for the most part, you cannot tell the gay guy from the Pagan soccer mom from the child molester from the mob hit man from the office tycoon from the struggling novelist.  Put them all in a line up and let’s see how you do.
            I am a staunch supporter of any underdog.  That is a given.  I am an even stauncher supporter of the Gay Movement.  I have gay friends.  I have gay relatives.  There is no way someone will look at me and tell me, you have to avoid X because they are gay.  No one is going to tell me to abandon either friends or family based on any sexual proclivity.  No one will tell me who to love or how to love them.  Ever.
            Dude, if it bothers you to think of John and Tom alone in their bed at night, think about something else.  If you can’t, seek professional help.  I guarantee John and Tom could care less what you are doing.
            This entire scenario of homosexual bashing reeks of fear and a need for power and control over others.  Someone needs a cause to support the fact that they are important, in their own minds, that they have to have  a mission to help these people.
            Check the history books.  The world over is full of actions brought forth by people who did what they did in the name of the good of all.  Genocide anyone?  Ethnic cleansing anyone?  Even though I speak of the world at large here, these are incidents that happened here on US soil as well. 
One person seems to need to find another person inferior in one way or another in order to solidify that first person’s hold on his own reality.  The white man comes to the Americas to escape persecution and bigotry in his homeland.  He finds the red skinned man.  Why don’t you stop today and ask a Native American how he feels about someone stepping in to ‘put him in his place’?  Did you think ethnic cleansing only happened in other parts of the world?  Germany?  Cambodia?  No.
The anti-homosexual ‘revolution’ is based on some person’s fear that someone else may take away his reason for living.  That one person needs to be able to have a cause…and anit-homosexualism is that cause.
Did your mother never teach you to love thy neighbor as you love thyself?  You must really hate yourself.  Did your mother never teach you to not say anything if you don’t have something nice to say?  Mine didn’t either, but she did teach me to speak the truth.  My truth is … no one really ever fits into the “normal” box and no one really should.  This country may be all about making everyone fit into the easy box, but, as statistics across the board show, that’s not really working on a grand scale.
            Need an example?  Read a book written in say, 1950 or so.  A regular over the counter romance novel of fiction.  Now read one written today.  I hear it over and over and over—you have to write where your audience is.  Namely, write down to the level of where your reader is.  The lack of education overall is all too apparent. 
            The best thing I know right now is so many of these anti-gay whatevers…are usually surrounded by the people they hate, and they don’t know it.  Be it the Pagan next door.  Be it the lesbian up the road, who is married and has children.  Secrets are always there.  Even in this day and age, when everyone thinks everything is right there available for all to see.  It isn’t.
            Don’t you have kids?  Don’t you know the more you tell kids, no, don’t do this, the more kids will flock to it because it is anti-establishment? Anything to be part of the revolution.  Anything to show the older set just how wrong about everything they are.  Same thing with adults as well.  Your bigotry is creating more of what you hate, not eradicating it.  People who would explore their sexuality and fall back towards what you call normal now determine to follow a more open homosexual path, simply because it feels good to thwart the Establishment.  Not that this is everyone's reason, but still....
            Read some history.  A hundred years from now, people will be HORRIFIED that this was such a huge topic and controversy.  Future generations will gape in horror at the atrocities committed in the name of I am a better human being than you are…mark my words.