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Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Moon Dreams

         ‘T is a sad Full Moon upon us this day.  R’s 13 yo dog is nearing the end.  Nothing we can do there.  It’s been coming for awhile.  Yet, today, I look at him and think, there probably won’t be a tomorrow in this world for the old man.   How then to turn my mind to happier, more on down the line things?

            I made my Full Moon Dreamboard this morning, before things grew quite so dire.  So there is a great deal of hope and looking forward in the piece.  Funnily enough, the whole thing, other than the colored pencil background, comes from the children’s menu of PF Chang’s, which is where we ate last night, after running all our nefarious errands, after dropping N back at T’s house.

            As sad as it seems, I only have one set of colored pencils at R’s house.  I got up early and made this bitty collage—but there was no glue, no glue sticks, nothing useful.  Lucky me, I couldn’t get the gorilla glue open enough to use it.  Yes, I did contemplate it.  I ended up coloring in the background.  Then I cut out the pictures I wanted to use.  And taped them to the background, because that, after ransacking the house, and not trusting myself to finish things if I waited until we went to my house today, tape was all I could find.

            So, take this dreamboard for what you will.  I know it means the future is so bright I have to wear shades…but then, that has always been my future.
            The past is the past and I am not going to ask.  The future is so bright…I get to mix up song lyrics from songs from decades ago…
            More to come…enjoy your own dreams.  May you soar ever higher…every day.