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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Purging The 'Stuff' And Purifying The Soul

            If you’ve been reading this blog, you know, I have really been on a down-sizing ‘kick’ of late.  It was just the move that started it.  It’s been any number of things.  It wasn’t the move in 2009—or in 2008—or even in 2006 that started this.  (Jeez!  Did I really move around THIS much?)  I can say it probably started roughly 2007-ish?  But just because the needy tendrils of life first showed face there doesn’t mean that it really got going until much later.  Much later.  We were in the old house when everything began to hit me and began to make more sense.  And even though I am still tentatively treading water, things are moving along so much better at this time for me.

            I am very glad I am not the only one sorted and purging and going through things.  New Mummy has been doing things one room at a time and cataloging things on her blog.  Her latest sojourn was in her bedroom—just as my last run through started in my bedroom—although it moved into the basement as well, since I have seasonal clothes –and my shoes—downstairs.  I stripped through my closets yet again—and ended up w two bags of clothes to donate—and a bag of shoes.  It’s hard for me to let go of shoes.  Really it is.

            This time it was interesting for me to go through things.  I have held on to a certain wardrobe of clothing, just in case.  My old work clothes.  Business casual.  I cannot tell you why.  I long ago got rid of the few business suits I owned.  I mean, LONG ago.  I do still have a couple that I keep, for different reasons, and I will not get rid of them.  I have, I think, technically two, maybe three—if I press one outfit into service as a ‘suit’.  I understand, basically, where my businesses are heading…even though I realize it may be awhile before they get there.  I want to have the proper attire when I do get there—even though w my tattoos, it may not be the most precise field for me to journey into…except in my knee high boots.  The way I operate, that is actually doable.  Hence, I am not at all worried.

            I let go of all those preppy type shirts that simply are not me.  Not the every day, I would wear this even if I weren’t at work type shirt.  I let go of all those trousers I’ve never even thought about wearing since I was pregnant w my oldest daughter.  I let go of the proper work only shoes I have clung to so madly.  It kills me to let go of really nice shoes.  Even if they are work oriented loafers.

            I even purged through my sweaters again, after my trips to the Weaving Dept and to Kirkwood Knittery.  That whole re-arranging of how I look at my yarn, my yarn stash and my current collection of sweaters.  I even purged through my cardigan collection—the HORROR!  Lol  That is sacrilege, really.  I reduced them to my favorites and to the ones I regularly wear.  One was consigned to be felted and turned into something else.  The rest, those went into the bag, without a sniffle.  Ok, so E grabbed a couple of them and now thinks she is some sort of Mata Hari cool chick.  It works for her, so I am happy.

            I am planning to do another run through my sweaters, since the last purge was done before that trip to Kirkwood Knittery last Sunday.  After spending $120 on GOOD yarn, I want to purge out my sweaters again to make room for what I am going to be making.  Plus, if I have fewer sweaters, I will have more reasons to push myself to knit more. 

            On my to-do list yet:  purge my yarn stash (GASP!!).  My daughter has her requests in…and we have a small plastic storage container for her to keep her own stash in.  She is also about to inherit more knitting needles…although I do like to have some of the cheaper ones (these are mostly plastic ones we bought at Joann’s when we first started knitting and were more open to trying all sorts of needles…before I found out…I don’t like that sort of plastic needle…) on hand so as I start to teach people to knit, I can give them a skein of yarn and a pair of needles to take to play with on their own.  R, ok, so him I bought a pair of good needles and some caron simply soft of his own…but he’s different.  My mom will be getting a box of yarn.  Then I will start sorting things out to make blankets and whatever so I can donate them. 
As an aside here, a good place to go for patterns and information on donating is Bev’s Country Cottage.

            I need to go through our dvds again.  The last few boxes left to unpack are the movie boxes…I have most of them unpacked.  We’ve been mostly waiting until we get our new (to us) entertainment center, since it will have plenty of storage room on it.  I still have that one last dvd tower to put together yet…but again…it may not be needed, in all actuality, after we get the new entertainment center and get everything re-arranged.  As I was unpacking the kids movies yesterday, I saw so many we don’t watch, we won’t watch and we don’t like.  I know I have many doubles of what R has in his collection, so those need to be pulled and sold off as well.  I still have a small stash of dvds that we are planning to take to trade in at slackers at some point.

            The only thing I plan to go through that I won’t actually plan a time to do so is my maternity clothes.  I know I want to go through them.  When I went through the dresses in my closet, I got rid of just about every dress that I wore while pregnant—they were not maternity dresses, so I kept them w my regular wardrobe.  I actually did wear them, now and then, before the whole 2006 move thing…but haven’t touched them since.  I cannot deal with having to pull that set out and go through them, so I will wait on that until I have to…I am ok w the waiting.
            Need resources for a less is more campaign of your own?
            Magpie’s post here has tons of good information.
            The FlyLady makes clean-up…a cheerful breeze, more or less.  Well, I love her anyway.

            I cannot find my other links at the moment for time management.  It is not just all the “stuff” I have around me, it’s how much time I have for everything.  It’s taking time for me, about not being available to everyone 24/7—well, except for my boyfriend and my kids.  And even they know I need space periodically as well.

            Letting go of so much, of so many expectations I have of what I should be to other people, of so much fear and anxiety, including performance anxiety, has been such a complete blessing in my life.  I will never be able to live in a one bedroom apartment again—between my books and my yarn…oh please…but I can live comfortably and happily.  Not only w my ‘stuff’, but w myself.  That, above all else, is the most important thing.  My “stuff” does not define me.  Other people do not define me.  I define Me.  And no one else.