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Friday, March 12, 2010

8Things: Mantras For Writers

Yes, Magpie Girl has done it again.  Seems the  seasons are affecting far more than just me.  Here's this week's 8Things:

Oh my.  Oh my.  Isn’t this a sore subject in this house?  Here I am, trying to tell myself that making sure I write down my idea on my little index card is a good thing and that, at some point, I will be getting back to my card to write out that idea in full is a good thing, a very good thing.  It’s more procrastination and I know it.  Usually by the time I get back to my index cards, the time has passed for relevance and I no longer wish to play w said idea.

1.       Write anything.  Write badly.  Write horribly.  This is all the same mantra.  It’s a basic twist of sit here and write, darn it, sit here and write.
2.      Stream of consciousness stuff works.
3.      Who needs punctuation?
4.      Use the pen.  The computer can’t keep up.  This is a sad fact, but true.  My fingers move too fast, but not as fast as my brain.  Writing by hand makes me slow down.  I write more cohesively, more clearly.
5.      Emails, especially long emails, do count as writing.  Especially if you are explaining something to someone, or helping someone figure out something.  It counts towards the daily word count goal, if you have one. 
6.      Just do it.  Write it.  Get it out.  So what if it’s been done a million times?  You haven’t done it yet.
7.      Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe through it.  This is just my normal usually daily every kind of use mantra.
8.      Journaling counts as writing.  Any day.

And, one extra one, just for a little more punch:

Everything can be fixed in rewrite and edit phase.

      Now, to stop procrastinating and get the writing I’ve been putting off all week done!