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Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear, Sweet Stupid Girl

            Alas, dearest Alice, do we not know you so well now? 

            We went to see Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland yesterday.  It was interesting, indeed.  I cannot believe this is a Disney movie though…even though the nudity is …non-existent, though the ol’ poke in the ribs, nudge nudge, wink wink, was there a sly bit of poitrine to laugh at.  The violence at the death of the jabberwocky was …not nearly so bad as it could have been, but judging from the reaction of the younger ones in the crowd, it was far far too graphic.  I do appreciate how there was no subterfuge when Alice grew or shrank…her clothing did not…although she was decently covered and/or hidden the entire time.  I love the dress the Mad Hatter made for her while she hid in the tea pot.

            All in all, a decent flick, but not the end all be all of Alice.  I will not ruin the entire movie for you.  It is definitely worth a look see.  There were some historic inconsistencies in the opening sequences, little things like the length of certain hems that were inappropriate for that time period, that bothered me to no end, but overall, they didn’t matter.  Again, I am struck by the happy ending garbage.   I hate that.  My knitter’s eye was busy…especially as someone who still to this day loves to wear gloves…I feel a knitting pattern coming on…but it’s a generic thing w stripes, so no real worries there.  I feel a sewing frenzy coming on…and I do believe I already own the necessary patterns.  That Mad hatter’s dress for Alice is something coming soon…once I procure the fabric…and make it longer…

            Alice fashion…Sandra got my attention with the title of her post, but she and Little Red are more in tune…and no, I have not yet finished knitting the Little Red for E (Suss Cousins little red riding hood scarf). 
            I always look out towards fashion there.  I know of some beautiful and elaborate knitting patterns for the fairy tale theme at Purlescence.  I foresee enough patterns of my own, both sewing and knitting, coming out, sooner or later.
            A trip through ravelry  yields plenty enough to keep me busy for now.

            Alice, dear Alice.
            I am absolutely in love with what Pie Bird has found for tidbits and whatnots with the Alice theme.  You really must give that a go, see what she has to offer you as treats there.

            Maybe a tea party theme is exactly what we need if ever we get around to our house warming party.  At least we know then we can accommodate everyone and their various needs.  That would mean actually finished the house, finishing that last bit of unpacking, staying at home for a good bit of time…but that is what we are planning to do.

                        One word about the bigotry towards rabbits please.  Now, I have been doing a great deal of rabbit research this weekend.  I am appalled by some of the things I have read.
            Our local rabbit rescue, House Rabbit Society of Missouri St Louis Chapter, has this blurb on their front page:

Even in our present, modern day, there are sadly still a few people who are superstitious about the color of an animals fur or eyes etc.  Please help us educate people that these precious New Zealand bunnies are no better or no worse than any other bunny.  They are not "bad luck" or "good luck". “

Scroll down—it’s there.  Then we walked into a local target and I stopped.  They had “the easter bunny” picture on their door—a big white rabbit—with nice dark brown eyes.  I found no less than five other sources this week-end w the same results—all the white bunnies had brown eyes of one shade or another.  No pinks.  Not even on the Cadbury egg commercials on television.

Turns out, my great grandfather used to raise New Zealand giants, like those rescued by the society recently.  If I were not so set on angoras, I might look into adopting a pair.  But then, I think giants are too big to introduce to Kendall…if it’s it too large, it’s a friend to play w, and although she has calmed down a lot, I am not allowing her near any creature if I don’t think she can behave herself.  I have a nice soft fluffy spot for buns in my heart now.  I will defend them as manically as I defend anything else as I believe in…so…be warned.