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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's A Lovely Day To Make A Wish

            It’s a brilliant day today.  I love days like this, foggy, chilly, rainy.  It has to be something genetic within me, because days like this have always been favorites of mine.  Although, the chilly part I can do without.  I would rather have the chill than hot and humid though, any day.

            It’s time to play w Jamie and her wonderful wishes.

            Now, last week, I chose not to participate, because I have been empowered by the very depths of No of late. The question last week was :  What do you wish to say no to?   No, I won’t work that late anymore.  No, I won’t do that.  No, I won’t worry about that.  No, I don’t have time for that.  No, I am not shifting my priorities simply because “society” says I ought to do so.  The power of Less means becoming powerful in and of my own right.  I didn’t feel, last week, liking making a list of all the things I say no to—because if I want to say no these days, I simply do it.  There is no wanting to say no. 

            This week, when I saw the question, I sort of had the same initial reaction, that whole, but I am doing it now.  Almost as if I am afraid to waste a wish on something I am already currently in the process of doing.  Waste a wish?  That’s what stopped me.  That and the desire to support not only Jamie, but other wish casters as well.  How exactly do you waste a wish anyway?  Preposterous!
This one I can make more progress w, as I am in the process not of reassessing things, but of making that shift I have wanted to make for so long.  From not simply trying to do what everyone else in the world does, to really doing my own thing, without having to worry about God, or Country, or Ex’s, or Family, or anyone else’s opinion of me in any way.
Come on.  I am about to start raising bunnies.  N is w us all this week, which explains the sheer lack of content from me thus far.  Wait til I tell you about my week-end.  I have spent more time and money on two rabbits I have not even seen than I have spent on probably my last four dogs all together—and that encompasses, what, close to 20 years?  I have invested more time in the health, the safety, the contentment of my bunnies (my bunnies, not our bunnies, mine, mine, mine…I say this for a reason…not E’s bunnies…and not R’s bunnies, as he is quick to tell me—dogs his—rabbits mine—although the man will drive me all over Heck and creation looking for stuff for said bunnies…and he listens to me talk about bunnies, not just my bunnies, but rabbits in general…boy, do I have plans for later on…)
            Bunnies.  A spinning wheel.  Paperclay.  (I am very proud of my ugly doll head—especially now that I know what to do w her…and how she is only the beginning…)  Knitting.  Crocheting.  Sewing.  Drawing.  Painting.  Collaging.  If I lived in the 17-1800s, or earlier, I would be perfectly “normal”.  Alas, I am in this century…and I am going to make the most of it.
What do I wish to pay attention to?  More attention to my art.  More attention to my heart.  My family, children and boyfriend, come first.  Always.  But there is so much more to me.  And when I can convince the small nearly naked man to stay in the house (he is king of wearing underwear only—but we are happy he keeps those on—trust me)—I feel safer—he found out yesterday he could dash out the front door, around the side to open the fence gate, and in through the back door.  Not really an issue right now w the chill in the air, but 1 he doesn’t always shut the gate behind him and 2 when it gets warmer and I start griping about getting bugs in the house, 3  much less having the buns out in their play yard (until we are all better trained)—the whole open door thing won’t fly…I know—the things that go on around here.
Now, before I forget, coming soon here on this blog:  my week-end hunting for rabbit food, and other things.  My New Moon planting day, among other things.  My first use of my pressure cooker—I made boiled peanuts.  Lots more too.  I will try to keep breaking things down into smaller bits. 
Peace.  Enjoy your day.  Blessings.