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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week-End Update

         R went Saturday to be a parade marshal for the Metropolitan St Patrick’s Day Parade.  He does it every year.  Not sure how many years he has done it, but he always has a lot of fun doing it.  This year was interesting for him.  It proved yet again, after nearly a year after the break-up, his ex is still a spoiled child.  First, she had to interject herself into every conversation the man had, wedging herself in and purposely putting her back to him every time.  Then, when other women flirted w R, the ex went ballistic, to others, not to R himself.  Seems if she can’t have him, no one else is allowed to either.  I think it’s more she is just jealous that no one ever gives her the kind of attention R garners.  I always picked on him about the fact that ex was with him simply because of the attention his presence could draw to her, as she has no real draw of her own.  Hey, it has been nearly a year now, and her childishness is still entertaining the heck out of way too many people.  I still laugh at the fact that people would rather avoid her than tell her she needs to grow up.  If I were her, I would prefer someone say, this has gone on long enough now, get over yourself, than allow me to play the spoiled brat so brashly and so obnoxiously as does she.  But then again, my friends would do that to and for me—and have to boot.  You might think I have much better friends than she, but it’s more that I have closer, more decent friends who actually care about me, rather than the obvious sycophants that she prefers to surround herself w, yes men who would never utter a foul thing in her presence, lest the red queen that she is have a tantrum and yell off w their heads.

      The kids and I had a blast together while he was out parading and marshalling around.  We did make it to the Petsmart off of St Charles Rock Rd for the rabbit adoption event.  We spent nearly an hour and a half there.  Although, we nearly left w a retired greyhound as well, as E had too much fun talking to the greyhound rescue people while petting those gorgeous and loving animals.  We talked to a couple who have owned rabbits for years, and who also foster rabbits.  I heard some horrific stories of abuse, both of the rabbits and their humans, and of the beautiful hearts that work with these small vulnerable animals.  I did not get to see an angora, but I did get to see a wooly jersey.  And a lion head.  The lion head is the one that really got to me.  Someone loved that bunny enough to keep her and to have her fixed.  Then, they released her into the wild.  Uhm, hello.  Domesticated rabbits are NOT wild rabbits.  Ever watch what a wolf pack can do to a wandering stray dog?  It ain’t pretty.  Much less what other strays will do to it.  Rabbits are not Thumper from Bambi.  They don’t like strangers.  They do not play nice.  And if you are not bred in that environment, do you think you’d run willy nilly to the first rabbit house you find and say, hey cousins, I’m home?  This little girl didn’t either.  A human fed her until the rabbit rescue caught her.  She’s pretty healthy and kinda shy.  But she rubbed noses w me, so she is not beyond loving a human again.  Not to mention, she is beautiful.  Abby Lane, her name.  We won’t be adopting her, but it’s not for lack of personality on her part. 

      I got a great deal of information.  Made a great many decisions based on said information.  Got to talk to some terrific people.  Did not get to make it to their monthly meeting last night because N is w us for the week.  Even short meetings, where other people need to pay attention, aren’t exactly great to take N to, unless you want to simply put in an appearance and then leave—I wanted to hear what is going on…there is always next month.

      I also missed the local homeschool group’s meeting yesterday afternoon.  Not really because of N—but because I wasn’t watching the time.  Again, there is always next time.  I have to check the schedule.

      We also went to the farmer’s market right up the street from home here.  Lovely.  Lovely.  I am so happy it’s as close as it is.  The spices they offer alone are worth the trip.  But the fruit and veg were marvelous.

      I learned a new way to cook asparagus recently—and did not resist the temptation to buy some fresh while we were there.

      A tablespoon or so of olive oil in a skillet.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Cut the asparagus into roughly 6 inch pieces.  Basically, I wash the stalks, and cut off the ends.  Then cut the stalk in half.  Sauté lightly until cooked.  I like mine tender, but still firm.  Not mushy.  It’s delicious.

      R came back from the parade and the after parties on Saturday, laughing his butt off about things that happened, and about how certain people just won’t grow up—and other people’s reactions to her behavior to which she is completely oblivious.  He had the best stories to tell about all of his adventures though—and about his cohorts.

      Sunday, I told R it would probably take an hour of his life to drive us somewhere to look into rabbit feed and whatnot.  Apparently, he was under the impression that this was a recon mission.  In a way, yes, it was.  I wanted to see where the feed stores were and what they had, yes.  But after all the online research I’d done, if I found good prices…I was buying.  I apparently did not make that clear to him.  He was at least clued in enough as to how I operate to take the truck—not that taking the car would have stopped me either.

      El Mel in Florissant is not open on Sundays.  But I know how to get there.  So we went Monday.  I love this place.  The Florissant location is the satellite store.  The main store is in St Charles.  This is where we found our raw peanuts.  We found cool stuff for the dogs as well.  I want to see the main location at some point, but right now, I am all bunnied up and out, so it will need to wait just a bit. 

      Tractor Supply Company in Alton, IL is awesome.  We found a 7 piece cast iron cookware set on clearance for $50.  I have been looking to replace all my cookware w cast iron for awhile now.  We have seen 5 and 6 piece sets lately on sale for $100.  I nearly got a set the other week-end too, but R vetoed it because we were in the car and had both kids.  Plus, we were sure we could find a better deal. We did.  The whole thing came in a nice wooden box too.  I think this is the stuff we are taking camping from now on too.  Funny how things work out.  How we plan ahead for when we have combined both households and are living together…not just living together between two houses the way we are now.

      R seems to forget I am a country girl at heart, and a cowgirl.  I love TSC.  Poor man.  I found the rabbit feed.  Found a rabbit book I hadn’t seen before—forgot to write the title down—and now have to wait til we go back—because we will—before I can get it.  Found the sweet horse feed.  Found the calf manna.  Found some other rabbity and non-rabbity stuff.  My kids very nearly got buggy whips.  R found out that the cattle prods are live, just before he hit E w one.  He did not hit her w it—but he threatened me w a riding crop.  He’s a bit scared that didn’t faze me.  He should be.  Lol  He should know by now that anything I know how to make on my own I know how to use—and I am not afraid to do so.  I may not have ever made a riding crop, but I know how to…and other whips have been made…I love messing w his head.  It’s so much fun.  I was not allowed to travel through the whole store, since I had too much fun in the animal feed aisles…but at least R did look around and has some things he’s thinking about.

      Right up the road from TSC is the Farm and Home Supply.  We all had fun here.  Grass seed.  Chainsaw accoutrements.  Tillers.  Fountains.  Swings. Seeds.  And that was just the first side of the store.
      They had live baby chicks.  I am very impressed w both my children.  N was afraid to pick any chicks up—because they ran from him, even though he was gentle and slow in his trying.  He did pet every single one I picked up for him.  He even petted ones that another little boy picked up and held out to him.  E picked up several on her own.  R looked right at E and at me and said no baby chicks as soon as we heard the first peeps.  But I think we petted every variety they had there.  There were quite a few too. 

      There was more stuff there, even though we like TSC better.  I bought a different kind of rabbit food.  Not that I am that thrilled w it now that I have it, but while mixing it in w the other feeds, it will be ok.  We simply won’t buy that kind again.  It’s all a visual thing w me.  It won’t hurt anyone, but it could be better.  I thought it was something it is not—or maybe it thinks it’s something it isn’t.  There were tons of other things there too, not just rabbit oriented.  We nearly bought horse shoes, for luck.  I have my heart set on a draft horse shoe though.  There weren’t any of those there.  Lol

      I bought several lanolins.  Not for bunnies.  For the humans.  N’s hands need it.  R and I always need something rich and strong for our feet.  We even bought chicken poop chapstick.  I love the fact that it says in real big letters DOES NOT CONTAIN REAL CHICKEN POOP.  The stuff works really well too.  I will have to give you the website info later on.  All natural stuff in there.  Even N likes it enough to let me put it on him without a fight—after assuring him there is no real poop in it.  Now he thinks it’s hysterical to say he has chicken poop on his lips.  Which is exactly what I was hoping.

      We had a productive day.  We went out to eat.  We came home.  R picked on me the entire way back.  Just an hour out of his day, I’d told him.  Just an hour.  We left around 1, maybe 2p.  We were back by 8:30p?  So, a little bit more than an hour.  At least he was just picking on me.  The drive by the River was incredible.  I openly and freely admit I am a River Rat.  The Mississippi and I have a very intimate relationship.  Sometimes I forget how very close she is.  Most of the time, when I have anything to do w river work, I use the Missouri river, simply because it’s closer. 

      What does all this mean?  It means…we be ready for bunnies.  The rabbit rescue people were great w specific angora information…like the best type of litter and so on. 
      We finished putting things in the cage yesterday, just so I would know how to work everything.  So, the water bottles threw me, ok?  Not everything is inside the cage.  I don’t want to overwhelm the bunnies when they arrive.  But I feel much more secure about things now.

      And, yes, I’ve been meaning to update my rabbity page for days now.  I’m getting there.