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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Wednesday--Here's My Wish

          Sheesh—some days I wonder, does Jamie read my mind…or skim my blog for ideas as to which direction I am getting ready to jump into but still need that little push?  She hits the nail on the head so frequently.  She is a most amazing goddess and Wish Master…

            Today’s wish is:

        What do you wish to make time for?

I swear, she has been reading my blog.
I wish to make time for me, for all the weird little things I love and need to do in order to be me.

I wish to make time to read.  I wish to make time to write.  I wish to make time to spin.  I wish to make time to paint.  I wish to make time to paint my little girl’s fingernails.  I wish to make time to tickle my son til he can’t take any more.  I wish to make time to cuddle w my boyfriend –wait—that one I do regardless of anything else in my life.  I’ll keep that one in here anyway.  I wish to make the time to spend more time at my own house.  I wish to make more time for gardening.  I wish to make more time for going out and exploring the world, for bike riding and canoeing and hiking and camping and swatting bugs and watching clouds shimmy by and listening to the animals behind the wall of foliage…and myriad other things as well.

I wish to make time to be swallowed up entirely by that space in between the inhale and the exhale.  I wish to swell and expand in that space, to fill my soul to swelling and bursting w all the things that mean so much to me…that I need to let loose and get expressed, not just to fill me up, but to fill up those around me as well.

Simple wish this week, huh? 
So, let’s make it happ’n, cap,n.