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Monday, March 22, 2010

Universal Love

            Today is a beautiful day.  It’s chilly outside.  It’s wet and rainy.  I love days like this.  I would prefer it were warmer than colder, but rainy days are always lovely.  It must be something genetic within me.

            Now, I want it understood, I am a writer, but I am not interested in becoming Stephen King or Anne Rice or anyone that well known or famous.  I want people to read what I write.  Whether they like it or not is up to them.  I want to be paid for what I write, yes, but I am not looking for the rolling in the dough, rich and famous lifestyle.  I am not greedy.  I want enough to cover all the bills, to be comfortable, and to have enough so that we can do the things we want to do without having to worry about how to pay for everything.
            I have sort of been waiting to see where things went of late.  I’ve been waiting for a sign.  I always get a sign when I ask for one, whether I realize I am asking, whether it goes the way I want it to go or not.  This time is no exception.

            The first email I read this morning was a request for me to write an article.  There’s no money involved.  It is for a cause I heartily believe in.  It also firms up my belief that I can still have the Rescue Ranch, without compromising my promises to R.  I have carried this little burr under my saddle blanket for months now that I would have to give up the really big dream of my life, for a man, yet again.  No.  I don’t.  Strangely enough, I don’t think I will have to wait as long as I thought I would before R and I got together…being w R in this capacity has not slowed this particular dream down…and w R I can do more things than I had actually imagined I would be able to…because he brings me down to earth and I see details and processes that alone I would have overlooked, until it was too late.

            So, with one email, probably just a form email sent out to anyone who blogs about the things I have blogged about recently, the Universe has tapped me on the shoulder and said, in that gorgeous Barry White voice it uses w me, ‘Oh, yeah, baby.’

            Funny, how these things work out.  One email and it confirms that I am following the correct path by focusing more on my writing lately…as well as confirming the path I am taking w the animals in my future.  See, childhood dreams do come true, even when you think your whole life their dead.  I wanted to be a cowgirl and a veterinarian when I was a kid.  I get to do both, in one capacity or another.

            Now, if all the omens I have received in the past few days are correct, then this year is going to be an amazing year for me, on so many levels.  These omens never lie to me.

            Another nudge that we are getting here lately--R too, not just me—is the whole clean it out and get rid of it nudge.  I love the irony here.  X4 worked so hard to get rid of every trace of every woman in R’s past and always hated the stuff I kept in his basement while I was back East.  I am the one who actually came in, removed all the clutter and the debris, donated and threw away and swept up and cleaned the basement.  I am the one who made things more manageable and clear.  Something she tried to do in her ineffective, inefficient way how many times and always made all the clutter and mess that much worse each time she tried?  Hey, I get to be a bit vindictive at times like this.  This is as bad as I get.  Rubbing in the fact that no matter how hard she tried, she never actually put real effort into anything that wasn’t directly related to her and she ended up failing, every time.  And she still does not understand what goes wrong, except it must be everyone else’s fault and never hers.

            Not only have I been on this less is more ‘kick’ of late, but I am always pushed a little more when a charity calls and says do you have anything to donate.  For the past few weeks, we’ve had someone come every other week to pick up donations.  Last week I thought for sure we’d reached more of the bottom of the barrel w our donations, both R and myself.  He keeps picking on me about having him sort through everything of his in order to make more room for my stuff.  It’s sort of true, but not the way he’s twisting it to tease me.  I am clearing out both our spaces so that when we move in together there is that much less we have to get rid of, be it clutter, or things we have doubles of, that sort of thing. 

            Last night, we went to our local thrift store.  R has needed running pants.  It dawned on him a few weeks ago that the only real reason he wears sweat pants is because someone else said she thought he was sexy in them.  (Nuff said there)  He really doesn’t care one way or the other.  I wear his pajama bottom pants all the time, so his sweats don’t do much for either of us.  He wears them to soccer.  He prefers running pants.  We even found a pair of 100% silk running pants for the man last night—for $2.  Brand new.  (Dare I brag about my Baby Phat jeans for $2 too?)  We started at kohl’s…and ended up at the thrift store.  E got some lovely dresses, and an orange striped tabby cat toy.  Every time we bring something into a house, one house or the other, I tend to want to start purging stuff anyway. 

            Example:  when E got her pair of 3 inch high sandal mules the other day, she was required to get rid of three other pairs of shoes once we got home.  And she did.  It didn’t hurt that I knew she had shoes that were too small for her in her closet either, but I figure if I am going to teach her now so it sticks, I am going to set the standard and maintain it.

            Well, since I found a couple shirts, E found dresses, and I found the coolest wooly lamb (which for some weird reason I have been wanting lately ever since seeing the local yarn store decorated w tons of toy sheep)—we need to go home today and start purging things out.

            So, a very nice lady called this morning for the local abused women’s charity and asked if we have things to donate for pick up next week.  Of course, I said yes.  Which means…we have a good place to which to donate the next round of give-away stuff…rather than me giving up and donating to goodwill, which is our last resort (they throw so much useful stuff in the trash because they get so many things donated they can’t use it all).

            I love when the Universe and I are in sync.

            More soon.  Please hang on.