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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taking Care With The Rabbits In Mind

            Do you realize what I have been doing lately?  Despite the attempt at the bunny intervention my friend Kerry tried to arrange for me, jokingly of course…I have been studying up on rabbits. 
            I have not been spewing, well, not overly much anyway, all the things I have learned about rabbits all over my blog, or facebook, or in person, or in emails, or in any other public place (although my journal is FULL of scrawls and plans and ideas….), but I have put enough out there that the whole world has to know that I am adopting a pair of rabbits here soon.  (adopting means bringing home—don’t read into that).
            I have read over twenty books.  Hundreds of websites.  I have tracked down breeders, breed associations, rabbit show people, 4H people, friends who have bunnies of their own, complete strangers who are more than happy to tell me about their rabbity adventures.  I have done my research.

                                                                (not my bunny)

            I have spent more time and money on two bunnies I have not yet laid eyes on than I have dogs, cats, fish and birds in my past.  Although, to be honest, the parrot does rank up there in the sparing no expense field, but it was because I felt so bad for her, being all alone, and me not really knowing what to do w a parrot. 
            Maybe I am overcompensating for these two little buns I have yet to meet, since I haven’t had a rabbit in my life since I was a kid.  Maybe I am doing the best I can with what I have to make sure I take the best care of them I possibly can.
            As I research for the buns, I find myself reading tons of information about other species as well.  I take the information I have about all concerned and see if it is something worth investigating for the buns right now.
            FreeSpiritWriter points out here how organic pet beds are environmentally conscious, as well as healthy for your pets. Pet Hooligans goes into greater depth here about different types of fibers and how they are made.
            I knit.  I crochet.  Hence the whole evolution into bringing angora bunnies home to live with us…  I admit.  I bought a synthetic fleece cup bed for the little lagomorphs.  I also admit that I bought a larger synthetic fleece pet carrier pad for them to use when they are out of their cage.  My quirky little brain has been working overtime…which I why I know in my heart the things I do—the ongoing research into pelleted foods and into homegrown garden veg for the new little bunnies is more than overcompensating for a lack of experience on my part.  When I am willing to work on things for the buns to use and to play with, that is a labor of love.
            It started with the thought of either knitting or crocheting pads, little carpets for their cage.  Trust me.  I have stash for days.  I used to have the link to a particular project dedicated to this purpose only, but I cannot find it.  I find a whole bunch of other links, something for every animals, from sweaters for dogs to toy whales for cats to toy donkeys for donksBev’s country cottage is a favorite resource of mine for various knitting patterns, not just for pets.
            Then it mutated and became about knitting an octopus for the little kits.  That is when I knew this is real love and not just trying to make up for my inexperience.
            Buns chew, constantly.  Angoras are prone to wool block, which can kill.  Not that all bunnies don’t need to be watched, but angoras simply have more hair.  Rabbits groom themselves all the time, like cats.  Unlike cats and dogs, rabbits cannot vomit.  There is no rabbit hairball about to be coughed up on the carpet.  If a rabbit gets a hairball, and it is not treated, it can be lethal.
            Which means I am even more careful about my fibers when I knit for them.  I have various types of cotton…and wool…and hemp…although I believe I will be sticking more with cotton while I work for the bunnies.
            It seems fair to me.  I work for them.  They work for me by making wool.  To say nothing of companionship…and a real reason to force myself to slow down even more in order to care for them and their beautiful coats.