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Saturday, February 14, 2009

At Least Someone Cares

Valentine's Day for me was terrific--because of a man I have never met before--and he's a client as well.

First, he gave me a box of chocolates (had them shipped--not handed them to me in person):
a 4 tier box of Thomas Haas chocolate.
Now, when it came, I had no clue how expensive this chocolate is--or that it is hand-made (which is very very cool) or any of the neat things I have since learned about Thomas Haas.
I just liked the box. It has four tiers--and a lid--it all stacks on top of one another--almost like a pyramid--but all the same size and shape. The lid fits every layer the same.
The box is VERY cool--and ever since I saw it my brain has been working up different ideas for how to alter said box into a piece of art. :-)
Now the chocolates--well--I am really a simple person. Please do note--I even gave some to the ex when he was here--mostly because I knew he'd like it--and I wish he'd taken more--because I really don't. I like the bits w the nuts in them -- and I love the ones w bits if toffee in them. And that's about it. I don't care for chocolates w alcohol in them--the alcohol is too over-powering. I am not much into fruit -- unless it is raw and in its natural state. Give me a piece of plain fruit any day. I like plain fruit. I like plain chocolate. I've had lots of chocolates in my day--and although I used to prefer European chocolates -- these days I am even more simple these days--get me some dove milk chocolate and I'm good. And my ex may freak when he hears this, considering the promise he made me when we first started dating when I was living in Conway, but I am really not that much of a chocolate person any more these days.
Strange but true.
I am very much looking forward to altering the box on its own--and to using the chocolate wrappers (the little papers between the chocolates and the plastic tier set inside the cardboard box) in some other altered project--I really think these are going in the one book I haven't done much with--but then I haven't done much with anything since we moved.

The other thing my client got for me (did you think I was finished? :-) ) was a doll. A very beautiful gorgeous geisha doll--and I know nothing of her story or anything else--so if I get anything wrong I am sure someone will let me know. I like her because she is so beautiful. Youtsuzu.
My sister long ago got me interested in pullip dolls--and I have been watching and looking at them ever since--with no real reason to buy one of my own, even though I think they are so beautiful.
I have to learn how to put her accessories together and on her properly--but other than that--she is just beautiful. I have to research her now to find out more about her--because to me she is just a lovely geisha doll with lovely eyes and very cool shoes of which I am jealous. :-)
Now, the funny thing about this doll is the night before she arrived (she arrived yesterday afternoon) I had one of my restless sleepless nights--weather changes almost always keep me awake--and I was on an Alice in Wonderland kick--and I actually found a mini Alice In Wonderland pullip--for $30 on ebay --then only reason I didn't get her was her dress was pink--and I am not a pink person--much.
I have very very much been wanting a doll lately--I cannot really put my finger on just *why* I have wanted a doll so much, so badly, but I have. But we can get into that later on.
She's beautiful, Youtsuzu.
And here I was trying to figure out how to justify and how to swing getting her for myself for my birthday.
This client is the first person to actually surprise me in I don't know how many years. It's great.

I also got roses --roses. Same client too, yes. Someone gave me flowers--on Valentine's Day. Isn't that so sweet?

Now--as my one tirade and aside here--I made sure E picked something out for the ex for Valentine's Day from both the kids. I didn't get him much--I let E handle that--and I wasn't expecting much. My ds did make me a big heart at school--so ex had absolutely nothing to do with that. But not a card from the kids--not a happy valentine's--nothing at all from the kids. At least he did get E something.
It just bugs me to no end--he doesn't think about anything other than himself--I KNOW he personally isn't getting me anything--but the whole thought is that the kids are getting me something.
So--because I knew he'd be a prick about things--during my sleepless Alice IN Wonderland night--I made sure the kids got me something--this bracelet.
At least I am not completely left out in the cold by my own children this year. I've learned--either I get it myself--or the kids won't be able to get me anything--unless someone in my family takes them.

Anyway--I am very happy. Do you know how long it's been since anyone did something nice for me on Valentine's Day? And what is really bad is I don't expect anything--I never have--all I want is a hug and a kiss and maybe dinner when in a relationship. I am so simple some days it isn't funny. Although now I have much higher expectations--because I dated losers like ex for way too long.