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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stop And Smell The Roses

These are the roses that client of mine sent me for Valentine's Day. They lasted til this past week-end. We still have the little daisy flowers out since they are still pretty and perky.
The roses were wilting and limp and petals falling--so I did what any enterprising woman would do. I pulled all the petals off the roses, leaving the stems still in the vase because we like the greenery--and how very Morticia is that anyway? :-)
I took all those petals and put them on my canopy (it's mosquito type netting) over my bed. I wanted them to dry out there, spreading their scent and not losing their colour, so I could have the rose feeling all over my bedroom--and then I could use the petals in other projects --soaps, potpourri, whatever.

Well, jumping on my bed is great for small children (grrr) --and my canopy is split down the middle (just how it's built) so as both little cretins were jumping on my bed, the petals 'fell'--and got scattered--so there are a few still on the canopy--many many did the dog eat--there are lots of petals all over the floor--amidst the normal glitter--and dog fur--that resides so cleverly upon my bedroom floor (we won't go into why--really ;-) ) .

But we all really got a great deal of enjoyment out of those roses. They were excellent.

Now, to get the 'painting the roses red' song out of my head..........