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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Is A Doll?

Remember me telling you about Notjustyarns?
My order came in yesterday.
The yarns smell --like chocolate.
The came with a little potpourri sachet thing--which I just love--and it has rose petals in it (we love roses and rose petals here :-) especially this week).

These are some of the most spectacular yarns. So beautiful. So delicate. So soft to the touch. We are talking a major sensation overload here. It is terrific. And there are 20 skeins here too. So I am a more than satisfied customer. I am a very happy camper.

BUT, I keep taking out these yarns and I keep fondling them (as I eye my winder and swift, wanting to put them both into action at once) I keep thinking--is my doll in this? Such exquisite yarns--do I want to make up some little toy-like creature with these yarns? Don't I want to make something so much more magnificent with these yarns?

What? You didn't see that coming? I sure did--even as I was ordering the yarn I thought it would probably happen. :-) I had two fears--one was that I wouldn't be able to bring myself to use said yarns and two that I would run out of the yarn for whatever bit I was working on and then the whole project would be fubar and I'd have ruined all that lovely yarn, as well as my creation.

So either way--it was sure to happen. :-)

Now I keep pulling out these skeins and putting them together thinking--shawl--thinking--SHAWL--thinking--SHAWL--hello there--on tiny needles--shawl. Several shawls if need be.

There are so many complimentary colours in this batch. Of course the one favourite of mine that stands out is the dark purple one, at the top of the pictures. But my other favourite is the grey and white at the bottom of the pictures. I love that purple--but I do think the grey and white is my absolute favourite.

Yes, I have gone through, many a time, pulling out yarn for skin colour, hair colour, even tail colour if I should go the mermaid route. But nothing yet satisfies me.

I am waiting for this yarn to speak to me, to tell me what it wants to be and what it wants to do.
And meanwhile I think I need to find a bowl or something so I can openly display this stuff it is so gorgeous.
I have 1 issue with the yarn--and it's not all bad. I would have liked it more if the yarns had been labeled (cotton, alpaca, wool, etc etc etc) -- I'm not even interested so much in how many yards per hank there could be--I'd just like to know what's in the yarn.
But otherwise--I honestly could not be happier.
This whole batch is just--beyond amazing.
Thank you. :-)