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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Chenille Shack

Please note--this is my dog helping--she wasn't helping as much as she wanted--or else she'd have been laying ON TOP of the yarn.
Isn't she precious?

Anyway--I love love love The Chenille Shack (please see previous post for links and all sorts of good stuff).

See here pictured the yarn I ordered:
1 pound plied bamboo yarn--(approximately 1680 ypp)---4 skeins
1 pound linen soy/cotton chenille yarn (approximately 900 ypp)--4 skeins
1 pound natural and green cotton chenille (approximately 1450 ypp)--4 skeins

And my beautiful free birthday present:
1 pound the quiet lights rayon boucle (approximately 1200 ypp)--4 skeins

I cannot recommend this place or these people enough--the store is awesome and customer service is STELLAR. :-)
And the yarns--the yarns--are so delightful. :-)

Please do keep in mind I am looking for a beautiful--but simple--pattern to knit up the rayon boucle--I want to make a shawl--preferably for my wedding--so if you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks.