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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Knitting Book Upset

Well, I told you about all those knitting books I ordered when I got that tip from the one client?
See previous post about that.

Well, all the baby knitting books have arrived. And I am not really interested. Not a one of them has much to offer. I am so very disappointed.
And that one pattern I wanted—the pea pod looking thing—I found that pattern for free on Bev’s website – for free!
Of course, I am thinking that a couple of the bonnets would be nice to try. As well as the baby kimonos—but do you have any idea how many FREE baby kimono patterns there are?
I even found fitted diaper patterns—for free—on ravelry. Not just baby soakers—although there are many of those for free as well—but an actual fitted diaper.

‘Closely Knit’ by Hannah Fettig—it arrived as well. Ok, fine, another point to prove that I should not buy things just because they sound good. I want to make the one hat, the urban beanie. And I do love the bird’s nest pin cushions. I adore the heart patch pants. But there’s not a lot of other things in there—and it really seems a waste of time—I have patterns for bird’s nests and eggs—and birds themselves—knit and crochet. The little britches are available free online as well—even if they don’t have the little heart patches—although it is the patches that really makes me giggle and makes me happy.

Do you know what knitting book I did receive (yes, I ordered it) that I am absolutely in love with?
‘Knit One, Haiku Too’ by Maria Fire. There are no patterns in this book at all—not that I have found. But there are delightful inspiring stories—and very pretty haiku. I really enjoy both—the stories and the haiku.
“An artful journey
Poems, stories, and stitches
Inspiration found”
This from the front of the book itself.

I do so enjoy reading this book.

All those baby books—all those patterns—all that disappointment. Here’s how one becomes a pattern designer all on one’s own—by not being able to find just what one wants.