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Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Delight

I know what it is about February—I know what it means to me.

I am trying to remember what I did last year in February—and I know that’s when I bought the beads and everything else for the beading process.

This year, thanks to a wonderful client who tipped me well, I started out by buying the baby knitting books.

Then of course Valentine’s Day – and I knew I would have to get something for myself for Valentine’s Day from the kids (even though I do so love the artwork by my son that currently hangs on our refrigerator)—the whole thing was precipitated by my excursions through ebay and etsy looking at Alice In Wonderland stuff. The bracelet from my kids came a couple days ago—and it is so beautiful. My light-switch plate came that day as well— it is ugly as sin up close and way thicker than I had thought it would be—but I love it.
I’ve been having those thoughts and wishes and desires about making my own doll—which caused me to order a lot of beautiful handspun yarn—and now I am awaiting its arrival.
It makes me glad that I ordered the yarn swift and the yarn ball winder. earlier this month.

Today I was unpacking more—this past week I had made a great deal of progress in the storage room. All the kids toys are out of the den—and the floor is now scattered with all my own things—papers and pens and bits and pieces.
But I was more than happy to find a great stash of things that I had just forgotten I had had—and many things I knew I had somewhere and just hoped that I had brought with me when we moved—rather than it being at dad’s waiting for me.
I found paints—oils and acrylics and water colour. I found paint brushes. I found stamps and ink pads. I found my bamboo reed pens. My tin of doll faces. Soft oil pastels. Brads. Blank ATC cards. Prepared tags.

See, my board book for Alice is bearing down on me—and I had been wondering about where my pencils and markers are—well—my pencils seem to be at my dad’s—but my markers are all here and accounted for—and I have my lesson book as well too—that will come out later on. Alice is why I originally started poking around tonight.

I am so very glad I did.

My printer is running low on colour ink—but I have been printing things out with the mediocre inks—and I have been loving them deeply. I spent a bit cutting the tiles and squares out this evening before I started poking around.

When I saw my tin full of small prepared tags I kinda got giddy. I have some very small Alice images. Things that would be so perfect for these tags.

I have had bits of poetry and stories and imagery flowing in and out of my brain ever since the Alice In Wonderland escapades online.

I am a very happy woman tonight.

So many avenues and mediums at my fingertips tonight.

One thing worse though—most of my supplies came from ollies in OH—and they were quite inexpensive—and now I have two stores to whine about not being able to get to while in St Louis—but then again—that’s what trips to visit family are for, right?

All right—so enough for tonight—as my goofy little girl is getting squirrelly about the dog not laying right here beside us for a change.