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Friday, February 27, 2009

What I Did Today

I washed every dish in my sink--even though now it looks as if I haven't done dishes in a week.

I made cupcakes, to go w the 2 cakes and the cupcakes we stayed up to make last night.

I fed the bird inside, the birds outside, and the cat outside. Not an every day occurrence by any means.

I cleared the floor in my den, vacuumed it and everything. There is still a pile of kids books awaiting a bookcase--but we'll be going to get the bookcase soon enough.
I also moved the piles of felted sweaters off to one side and picked through them a little just to remove the much much thinner ones. Don't worry--I'll find something to do with those ones.

I completely did not freak out over 2 containers of powder whose contents now decorate what surely seems to be absolutely every surface in the house--except the parrot and the fish--and how they escaped only Heavens know.

I yet again managed to ignore that pile of laundry in desperate need of folding in my bedroom.

I washed my hair--and it's all curly again--frizzy since it's a rainy day--but my dd is now happy--my curls will come back after I straighten my hair--it's so awesome that she swears she likes my hair straight much better than curly.

I found that yoga book I've been looking for since nearly when I unpacked all the books when we moved in --I knew I'd seen it--I had to move the kids table in the den away from the one shelf before I saw it. But I saw it. So, even though I am currently reading a bunch of other things, I know where it is even if I am not quite ready to read it.

I worked--and it was a good day at work for me.

And I am really hoping to get the kids to sleep within the next hour--and sneak out to the couch after they crash so I can actually sleep tonight. Just as I refuse to have more than 1 tv, computer that plays dvds notwithstanding although this weekend the computer has played nada somehow, I refuse to buy a larger bed. I have a full-sized bed. Me personally that is all I want. I don't to share it with the kids--it just ends up happening that way--kids and dog. I wasn't too upset over the dog at first--she was small and sick when we got her. Now she is large--and fluffy--and thinks she ranks the same as my dd in pack hierarchy --which means 60 pounds of love thumping down not beside me but on top of me in between dd and me when we go to bed (think cheek to cheek)--she sleeps at the foot of the bed when ds is here--and I am glad some nights she is fluffy and she gets too hot to sleep on the bed with us.
If I get a bigger bed--it won't help. I will still have a kid on each side pressing in as close to me as if they were attempting to return to the womb.
I get overwhelmed by touch--frequently. Too much touching. I need a break. Alot. And I have the dog who has to be touching. The kids who have to be touching. A bird who loves to be touching when we let her/him/it. And all I want is a day off, a car to take me quite far away, and the whole day to do absolutely nothing but climb hills and mountains and be as far from humans as is possible in this day and age. I'd love to go canoeing--just not right this second--cold and wet has little appeal for me--but hey--warmer weather is coming! Soon. Surely. :-)